1994 Toyota Mark II JZX90

Sold: $17,495

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Without a doubt one of the most practical performance sedans on the market today, the JZX90 checks all the right boxes. The Mark II's practical dimensions allows for four full size adults to fit comfortably, with a trunk to match, all while secretly producing more power than most sports cars of the era. Refinished in (202) Toyota Black, the paint is serviceable, and shows some fading on the hood and trunk. Being that this a 1994 these types of things are common, and as the enthusiasts will note, the type of buyer searching for a ride like this is more concerned about the drivetrain. The body is otherwise straight and has no major dents or scratches to note. The aftermarket aero is genuine and combines Vertex side skirts and rear bumper with a Traum Real Dream front end. The aggressive look matches the MKIII Supra motor and trans setup, making this 1994 just as ideal for daily driving as it is sliding.

The interior of the JZX90 has been well cared for and it shows. Several modifications have been made inside the cabin; and while most of the additions benefit performance, some aid convenience. The number one wear item in every car is the driver's seat, but barring a little bit of bolster wear it's held up impressively well. The passenger and rear seats are equally clean and free of any major wear. The dash has no sun damage, cracks, or other types of damage which is a relatively common issue. Added to monitor the 1J's vitals, a suite of white faced Greddy gauges which sit atop the center stack. The door panels are also in excellent shape, free of any real signs of wear. The interior as a whole is quite nice and is fitted with all of the power features you'd expect to find. Besides an inoperable sunroof, power windows, mirrors, automatic climate control, auto headlights lights, all operating as you'd expect. The A/C cools down the interior quickly, so no worries about melting to death on your morning commute. The audio system does function if one is in search of some tunes, although this dated unit by Pioneer could be upgraded easily. The steering wheel has been replaced with a sportier MOMO unit, and the clear bubble knob adorns the shifter.

Under the hood is what really makes this car shine. The 1JZ-GTE is a brute of a motor with more than enough to get this sedan rolling down the highway. The twin turbo 2.5L fires up quickly, and happily idles along. The power delivery is what sets this car apart from the Camry you're thinking of from back in the day. Once you get under way and the turbos spool the JZX90 pulls like a freight train. The powerband is exceptionally linear, from about 3,500 to redline the 1J never feels like it's going to end. Power is sent rearward with a five speed manual R154 transmission. This benefits not just resale value, but rewards the driver with a more involved driving experience. The transmission shifts smooth, and happily rows through all the gears. The steering and suspension are both very communicative, and a set of JIC coilovers keep the well balanced sedan flat through the corners. The engine is stock sans a couple nice upgrades. Intercooler hard pipes have been added, and a Greddy oil cooler to keep the oil temps in check, and a Greddy oil filter relocation kit makes oil changes a breeze. A polished Fujitsubo exhaust gives off a nice baritone thrum, and frees up breathing a touch. The brakes are happy to stop the sports sedan in a jiffy, and have solid pedal feel. The motor, with only 83K verified miles, received an oil service and new air filter replacement to keep the car performing tip top.

The perfect car may not exist, but the Mark II is doing its best to try. Great power, fun handling and room for four make this an ideal, turn key, Japanese Classic.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resource Board.

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