1992 Toyota Crown Majesta Widebody

Sold: $13,995

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While better known for it's sports cars of the day like the Supra, Celica, and MR2 but the luxury market is where they really excelled. The economic boom in Japan was at it's peak in the early 90's which means luxury cars stepped up to a whole new level. Toyota wanted to bring something to the table on par with their German rivals. Cars like the Celsior and Crown were packed to the gills with all of the latest and greatest technology of the time. While we're mostly known for dealing more in the sports car side of things, not everyone is looking for a race car. There's a large number of us here at classics that like low and slow. We know the VIP look isn't everybody's cup of tea, but that's why "custom is freedom" and our '92 Crown Majesta is the definition of this. The full custom molded fiberglass wide body turns heads everywhere it goes. While it looks wide in the pictures, seeing it in person is really the only way to take it all in. The molded fenders flair out 5" from the stock body and are very well integrated. Typically when you're dealing with aftermarket FRP pieces the fit and finish is never quite as strong as you would see with factory, these on the other hand mate up surprisingly well. Due to the construction there are a few flaws by way of chips and cracks, but overall it has held up particularly well. Especially when you consider the fact the fenders are grafted 5 inches wider than the stock body, hardly anybody even runs bolt on flairs that are this wide. It's safe to say that the vehicle was fully resprayed due to the bodywork, which means the Opal White Pearl (046) has a ton of luster. Aside from blemishes to the fiberglass, the paint itself has been kept largely stone chip and scratch free. The same can be said about the body, as there's hardly anything more than a door ding or two. Then again with only 28K verified miles you know that this wasn't somebody's daily driver, this was clearly built with the intent of being a show car. Other subtle details, like the de-badged grille, and silver pin-striping top and bottom really give this full size sedan it's sleek profile. The tall wing out back is a change of pace from many of the VIP cars we see, but we're all for out of the ordinary. The Majesta left the factory running on air to begin with which gives you a jump on the competition right off the bat. This one was fitted with an aftermarket ride height controller to dial it down a bit over the staggered 18" Work Rezax while still maintaining a comfortable ride.

The interior is really where the Crown shines, at least from a factory perspective. The complimentary light gray cloth has been well cared for and is extremely soft to the touch. The seats and door panels show no signs of wear, free of the traditional bolster wear or seam tears. All four seats offer great support and have no shortage of adjustments for long trips. For being a light interior both the seats and carpeting have been well kept, free of any notable stains. There were no shortage of power options when it came to the Majesta, which is impressive when you considering the fact it's 27 years old. Domestic vehicles didn't start seeing options like these until years later. Naturally it has power windows, locks, folding mirrors, like many cars from Japan in this time. Power seats on the other hand were a bit harder to come by, let alone power reclining rear seats. Not only were the rear seats reclinable but the center armrest opens up to reveal controls for the rear climate and radio. The A/C does blow cold, and has it's own clever little "swing" system that oscillates the vents. The only thing not currently functioning is the touch screen. It will light up briefly, but not enough for controls. Luckily all of the climate controls are separate so they're unaffected by the issue. On the other hand, the Heads Up Display is functioning and properly adjustable which is hard to come by in any vehicle from this era. Such over the top luxuries like these are what made the Majesta so popular when they were new, and have since then have only become more impressive.

Under the long hood is Toyota's robust 2JZ-GE 3 liter. While it's not the infamous GTE, the Crown can certainly get out of it's own way. The fact that this power plant was so widely used here in the states you could literally take this to your local Toyota dealership if you wanted to. The 2J fires right up at the turn of the key and is surprisingly hearty thanks to the 5Zigen catback exhaust. The idle is smooth and the tone is nice and mellow. Once you start to get up in the rev range you'll notice the exhaust more, but at general cruising speeds you don't have any of the annoying drone. Based on how clean the car was when it arrived here, it's no surprise that mechanically it's been kept up to the same standards. We've taken care of the routine service items such as the battery, alternator, and routine oil change. We've also replaced a bad inner and outer tie rod to ensure that the vehicle is safe to US roadways. With the amount of time and deification put into building something like this you can't help but appreciate it; even if it's not your style. For those in search of something truly one of a kind, then look no further. And with a platform as notoriously robust as this you can take it to a car show on Sunday and turn around and drive it to work on Monday without thinking twice.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resource Board.

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