1994 Nissan Silvia K’s

Sold: $15,495

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If you are looking for a turn key street style drift car that performs as good as it looks you have found the right car! This car is not for the faint of heart, or someone looking for a show car, it's just not what this car is all about. While the exterior looks good, there are very noticeable signs of it's purpose, upon closer inspection. The front has been converted to the later model Kouki front end including the OEM metal hood, Origin +50mm FRP front fenders, Origin Stylish FRP front bumper, and OEM headlights and corner lights. The side skirts, rear over fenders, and rear bumper are matching Origin stylish aero as well. The rear roof spoiler is D-Max and really adds to the overall look. While all of these parts make for one super aggressive S14 keep in mind they all show signs of use and have cracks, waves, and other small damage. For a drift car the paint is quite nice, but not by show car standards. It is clear the paint job was quick and to the point, the car is one color and looks fantastic moving. Closer inspection will reveal some flaws and issues but nothing that is horrible. The trunk doesn't fit perfectly and the tail lights don't line up perfectly straight and, while not a major repair, there is evidence of previous repairs on the rear of the car. We want to make sure we convey that is is an excellent street style drift car that is set up properly, performs well, and looks good doing it but it is nothing close to a show car.

The interior is nicer than you would expect from a drift car, but it's obvious what the focus is, purpose. The rear interior panels and seat have been removed and could be added back if you wanted to. The dash has some damage but looks good enough. The door panels are in great condition and the carpet hasn't been removed. The Bride Brix driver seat serves it purpose by keeping the driver securely planted but has a rip and damage to the bolster while the stock passenger seat is in great condition. An aftermarket steering wheel replaces the stock unit and a Defi Boost gauge and Blitz boost controller are mounted to the steering column for easy access and visibility. The automatic climate control works well along with both the heat AND A/C! Overall a fairly basic interior ready to have fun!

Besides the great looks, the best part of this car is mechanical. The heart of any good drift car is quality modifications in all the right areas, and this car nails them all. The SR20DET engine is healthy and fires up quickly. The engine has some excellent modifications starting with a Greddy front mount intercooler and Greddy piping kit, which feeds an upgraded S15 ball bearing turbo along with a tubular manifold. Intake air is supplied via the Greddy Airnx intake and additional fuel is supplied with Sard 650cc injectors. A stainless 02 extension funnels exhaust quickly out of the turbo to a 3" stainless downpipe, and straight back to a one off, FGK stainless catback exhaust. All of these modifications are controlled by a Greddy Emanage Blue, which allows excellent tuning ability. An upgraded radiator keeps engine temps down and an aftermarket metal head gasket improves engine longevity. Suspension is handled by a set of KTS advantage coilovers, which are adjustable, to suit your style. Adjustable rear upper control arms allow for camber adjustment, and adjustable rear toe arms keep everything aligned properly. Up front a set of adjustable tension arms with heim joints prevent any unwanted movement and aftermarket tie rods combined with aftermarket front knuckles increase angle. Finally an O.S. multi plate clutch combined with a 2 way diff puts all of this power to the ground and keeps both rear wheels spinning. With a recent oil service and alignment, this car provides instant gratification, and is an absolute blast to drive and is ready for your next drift event!

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