1994 Honda Accord Wagon

Sold: $7,995

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It isn't everyday that we get to retail a Japanese Classic built in the USA, but alas, this 1994 Honda Accord wagon fits the bill. Manufactured in America's heartland then exported to the Land of the Rising Sun. This low mileage (79K verified,) mechanically sound, wagon is the ideal daily driver. Finished in Bordeaux Red Pearl (R78P) the exterior of this estate is in good shape. Sans some quarter size dings on roof, and touch up paint on the hood, the vehicle is straight and clear coat still has lots of luster. Set on pewter colored alloys, this unmolested Accord is nearly 100% stock and drives fantastic. Spacious, reliable, and easy to maintain; this Honda is the complete package.

Redesigned for its fifth iteration, the Accord was Honda's flagship model at the time. The interior features many upgrades, largely by Honda put a great deal of attention into the materials quality in the cabin. The dash material is a big step up from prior models, with a softer touch plastic being used. The controls are surprisingly uncluttered, as a digital climate system was featured as well as steering wheel controls. A heavy emphasis was put on driver safety and comfort. A first for the Accord, a drivers side airbag was fitted, which at the time was a rarity in Japan. Noted conveniences such as cup holders, cruise control, and power folding mirrors are all equipped. Pleasantly, the audio system works well, and benefits from an upgraded Kenwood headunit. Unlike the OEM radio, the update one features both auxiliary and USB inputs. The seats are in above average condition front and rear; they are made of a durable gray cloth and have premium bolstering. The drivers side seat is powered, and can be easily set to a find comfortable driving position. The rear seats split fold, and drop down to create a huge hauling area. A black plastic rear bumper guard has been installed to reduced the likelihood of paint damage while parked. To make the fairly sizable cockpit feel even bigger, and to aid ventilation, a factory sunroof is set between the front seats. There is also an adjustable sunshade to keep temps down inside the vehicle, and the assembly operates perfectly. Lastly, the old owner even kept the OEM carpet mats, which are included in the sale of the vehicle.

Honda was experiencing the culmination of decades of design improvements, and quality standards processes (Kaizan) that made them the gold standard of the world. People believed that these drivetrains were indestructible, and they nearly were. Hondas venerable F22B VTEC engine was chosen to power the Accord, and it was mated to a four speed automatic transmission. The low vibration four banger fires right up, care of a newly installed 12V battery. Settling into a quiet idle, the Accord pleasantly accelerates up to speed. The transmission shifts smoothly, and the next owner can expect decent fuel economy on highway drives, as the gearing is longer than manual versions. The steering is heavier than current Hondas, as a hydraulic system is used versus the newer electronic systems. Feedback is abundant through the wheel, and the car goes whatever direction its pointed. At the moment the ABS light is on, however under braking the vehicle feels stable and confident. The suspension is compliant and does an impressive job of sorting out all of our American potholes. An oil and filter service completes the routine maintenance needed, and the vehicle is ready for the next 3000 service free miles.

A trusty steed, the this Honda Accord wagon begs to be sent around town running errands. It low key, trouble free ownership experience is perfect for those requiring a utilitarian vehicle who refuse to fade into the woodwork.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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