1992 Toyota Aristo JZS147

Sold: $12,995

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While all of us love a proper sports car, not everyone wants to deal with driving one to work every day. Toyota realized this early on and made sure they had it covered. They pulled the luxurious bits off the Celsior, pull out the heart of the Supra, and created the ultimate Grand Tourer. While the US did see a very similar model, the Lexus GS300, there was one key difference. While the US got the boring naturally aspirated 2JZ, Japan kept the good motor for itself. Once the turbos spool you'll immediately understand why. Our all OEM 1992 comes to us in great shape with only 85K verified miles. Since these were offered here in the US, if you decided that say the stock wheels or suspension aren't quite your style there's a good deal of aftermarket support readily available. While stock, our JZS has had a little customization done to it. Originally leaving the factory in Toyota's Blue Slate Metallic (183) at some point it underwent a full transformation to Black Onyx (202). The Onyx is a fitting color for a luxury sedan like this and was well done. With the exception of the engine bay you would have no idea that it was a respray, and even then it's hard to spot. The paint shows great and is free of any fading or peeling. The clearcoat, specifically the trunk, does have some light scratches in it. There are a few spots of touchup paint on the trunk and driver rear quarter, otherwise it's free of any noteworthy blemishes. The body is very straight and free of any real dents or dings.

The executive gray cloth compliments the Onyx bodywork well and has been exceptionally well maintained. Typically we see some bolster wear on the driver's seat or some wear on the steering wheel over the years but this one is largely free of any notable wear. All four seats have been kept stain and tear free. The same can be said about the carpeting and door panels. These came fitted with all the bells and whistles of the time, and all of which are functioning as expected. Toyota really has set the benchmark for long term quality and reliability. Things like cruise control and a driver's airbag were hard to find at this time over there. Other things like power folding mirrors, door locks, windows, driver's powered seat, and automatic climate control were mostly standard and leaps ahead of typical US cars of the day. The only thing not operational is the factory radio, however you could easily swap that out since the adapter for a sing or double din would be the same as the GS. The Aristo's cockpit will definitely step up your morning commute.

At the heart of this Aristo lies the famous 2JZ-GTE. Known both for its reliability and ability to make huge power with very little effort. Toyota claims 275hp from the factory, however these engine were notoriously underrated from the factory. All of the same bolt on parts for the Supra overlap so there's no shortage of power adders readily available if you want to take that route. Once you drive it you may find that it's unnecessary, these cars pull like a freight train. The JZ fires right up and is unassumingly quiet. The straight six makes for a very smooth idle, and when you pair that up with the factory suspension you get one very smooth ride out of it. Because of that fact this car is more of a GT car, it's plenty capable, but really meant for you to enjoy the ride. While we've had it four new tires have been installed and a fresh oil change has it ready to eat up the highway. Finally a Japanese performance sedan built to rival it's German counterparts.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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