1994 Honda Accord Liftback

Sold: $8,495

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Stock Number: 4743

It's not every day that we get to retail a Japanese Classic built in the USA, but alas, this 1994 Honda Accord wagon fits the bill. Manufactured in America's heartland then exported to the Land of the Rising Sun. With a mere 96K unverified miles and mechanically sound, this wagon is an ideal daily driver. The Honda Accord is one of the most reliable models to ever come out of Japan. Arguably the Accord is a major reason Japanese manufacturers gained so much popularity in the 1980s in the US market. These well built, reliable, and well-optioned cars are still one of the best selling cars in North America. Honda has the US plant build all of the Accord wagons here in the U.S. for the world market both RHD and LHD which makes these a rather interesting one by our standards. The exterior is finished in Honda's Night Shade Grey (NH577P) and is a rather uncommon color to come across. It looks absolutely spectacular out in the sun where the metallic really has a chance to pop. The paint shows particularly well for its age with no real notable blemishes to note. The exterior does have a little extra flair thanks to the Lucky Star front lip that gives the front end a more aggressive tone. The grille insert is much cleaner looking than the stock one and matches the styling of the front bumper spot on. To complement the front end a larger rear wing was added and really gives the side profile the flair it was missing. Since the stock wheels are a bit boring 17" Mahdi 6 spokes were added and look almost as if they were a factory option. The body is in great shape for being 26 years old with only a few typical little door dings to report.

Redesigned for its fifth iteration, the Accord was Honda's flagship model at the time. The interior features many upgrades, largely by Honda put a great deal of attention into the quality of the materials in the cabin. The dash material is a big step up from prior models, with a softer touch plastic being used. There is a small imprint left on the dash, presumably from an aftermarket nav unit, but there isn't any typical sun damage or distortion that we would normally be worried about. The wood grain veneer is a nice touch as it gives a more luxurious vibe and is all still in great shape. The gray cloth seats are exceptionally comfortable, so those longer road trips can actually be enjoyed by all 5 passengers. The seats show virtually no wear and have no major staining, rips, or tears. The door panels are in equally nice condition and the fabric inserts, which are notorious for coming unglued, are still attached properly and taught. The Japanese market wagon came standard with digital climate control, an option the U.S. models never received. While it is functional we do want to note that the screen is inoperable. While it doesn't have an impact on the systems function, you do have to adjust the output settings by feel. Luckily since it's an automatic system and the temperature itself is set via a dial on the dash it's still plenty simple to operate. The newer Kenwood head unit is a nice upgrade and the speakers are all still up to par. You may want to swap it out down the line for something with more updated features like Bluetooth and Carplay/Android auto but this is plenty sufficient in the interim. The rear cargo area has an enormous amount of space to pack just about anything you might need. Additionally, the rear seats fold down completely flat to create a space large enough to carry furniture, or home improvement projects while still seeing 30 mpg, unlike your neighbor's F150. These came particularly well equipped for being more of an economy car at the end of the day. A power sunroof and cruise control are both rare features for the era. The other more standard items like the power-folding mirrors, one-touch driver's window and power locks are all functioning as they should.

Under the hood is Honda's tried and true F22B 2.2L VTEC. While it may not be a full-on race car it certainly has more than enough power to get you down the road. While mostly all stock it does have two key upgrades. Under the hood is an open filter intake setup that gives a little extra tone when you get on it. The catback Fujitsubo Giken gives the 4 cylinder a bit more tone at idle since these are quiet, to say the least in stock form. As you get on it the catback is a nice upgrade that won't drive you crazy with that typical drone at highway speeds. Since the entire drivetrain was available in the U.S. model Accords service is a breeze as your local parts store will be able to supply you with just about anything you might need. Subsequently, you could even have the vehicle serviced at your local Honda dealership if you didn't feel like doing it yourself. The low vibration four-banger fires right up, care of a newly installed 12V battery. Settling into a quiet idle, the Accord pleasantly accelerates up to speed. Mated to an automatic transmission, power is sent to the front wheels in typical Honda fashion. The transmission shifts smoothly, and the next owner can expect decent fuel economy on highway drives, as the gearing is longer than manual versions. The steering is heavier than current Hondas, as a hydraulic system is used versus the newer electronic systems. Feedback is abundant through the wheel, and the wagon is surprisingly light on its feet. The stock suspension offers plenty of feedback and won't beat you to death on your morning commute. Whether you're in search of an understated and practical daily then the Accord has your back. These are also fantastic options for mail delivery driver's as you've got plenty of space to work with, it's efficient, and parts are readily available for routine upkeep. For those wagon lovers out there it really doesn't get much better than this!

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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