1993 Toyota Land Cruiser J80

Sold: $15,995

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Stock Number: 4584

The 80 series Land Cruiser offers one of the most convenient ownership experiences of any JDM import. The luxury of having a nearly identical version sold here stateside means nearly every part and service-related concern that someone might have can be addressed stateside making them ideal daily drivers. Our latest '93 VX Limited has all of the bells and whistles you want in a vehicle these days, yet was built 27 years ahead of the curve. Originally Blue Slate Metallic (183) it has since been swapped to a much more menacing Midnight Black. The color swap appears to have been done not long before leaving Japan because the paint is in great shape. Normally we expect to find some stone chips and clear coat scratches since black has a tendency to show wear far more, but there's really not much to report on this one. The same can be said about the bodywork with only a few typical little door dings which is impressive considering the size of these. With the factory wheels painted black as well it really does give this truck some street cred in the looks department. Especially with the brushed aluminum and pops of chrome to accent. The large factory rain guards give the side profile a bit of flair, but ultimately prove to be rather handy when you don't want to run the A/C.

The cabin of the 80 is massive, even by today's standards. Originally equipped with a 3rd row, it has since been pulled to give extra storage space since nobody really wants to climb back there. Typically they would be trimmed in a gray cloth but instead this one is sporting some nice gray fitted leather seat covers. The covers do a nice job of sprucing up the interior while also adding an extra layer of protection. Since these covers are rather tricky to get on we have not pulled them off to check the condition of the seats underneath but they feel like they're in fine shape. Normally with the taller trucks, the seat base bolstering has a tendency to get broken down from getting in and out, however, these feel to be in great shape. An adjustable steering column and lumbar support make longer trips comfortable, and Toyota even included a cupholder location. The taller ride height allows for a commanding view of the road ahead. As many enthusiasts are aware, the VX trim level cars are hardly spartan, and this unit comes well equipped from the factory. Power sunroof, automatic climate control, dual zone A/C, power windows/mirrors/locks, even a compass and altimeter to name just a few.

Toyota's 4x4 systems have always been lauded for durability, capabilities, and simplicity. The 80 series exemplified this, with a smooth 4476cc straight-six mated to full-time 4WD. The rugged 4WD underpinnings on this SUV are legendary. The 1FZ-FE benefits from a fresh oil and filter service and a set of plugs, cap, rotor, and wires. These engines are known for lasting over a half-million miles, and with only 145K verified miles, this baby is just getting broken in. With the twist of a key, the 1FE fires up and sets into an easy constant idle. Torque is sent through the automatic transmission and is geared well for US roadways. The trans engages with ease and has no problem running through the gears. New rubber on all corners makes sure you're never struggling for grip. The 80 also benefits from a new battery, air filter, front pads, and a new intake hose. Power-assisted steering is easy to articulate and somewhat light, and the brakes do a wonderful job of slowing down this heavy rig. As a practical, unique, and capable SUV the 80 is tough to beat. Up to date on maintenance, this guy is ready to roll!

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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