1993 Nissan Z32 300ZX

Sold: $16,995

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Stock Number: 4603

The Z32 was well ahead of it's time for vehicle design and in many ways one of the most underrated sports cars to come out of Japan in this era. This Fairlady Z is finished in Nissan's Sapphire Blue (TK3) which is hands down one of the hardest colors to come by and looks absolutely beautiful. The paint is in surprisingly good condition and looks excellent in the sun. It's a shame that the showroom lighting simply can't do the color justice. While the color choice is fantastic, several choice upgrades are really what brings the whole package together. The '99 spec front bumper and tail lights are the real kicker as they give the car a more appropriately aggressive, yet modern, look. Being that its an OEM upgrade the car retains its stock look that we typically refer to as OEM+. The body of this Fairlady has been well preserved with only a few typical little door dings and some small scuffs to the underside of the bumper. The wheels have been upgraded to 18" Super Advan V2s wrapped in fresh rubber which are arguably the most period correct wheel you can go with. The blue three spokes play off the bodycolor quite well and do a far superior job of filling the wheel wells. The Tein coilovers also help to cut down on wheel gap along with body roll since this is a GT car after all.

The black interior has been excellently maintained as well. The dash is in very good condition showing no major sun damage, fading, or cracks which is a rather common issue with these. Especially due to the added sunlight from the T-Tops which luckily still retain the original sun shades for when the summer sun is just too much to deal with. Being a 2+2 model you have the added benefit of an extended wheelbase to give the occupants more space to work with. While admittedly the back seats are borderline pointless aside from extra storage, it does help with the handling and makes longer road trips more enjoyable. The gray cloth seats are exceptionally well-bolstered and offer tons of support. Both front seats are powered which is a bit of a rarity for this time but certainly a welcomed addition. Both driver and passenger are in great shape, free of any stains or tears. With the removable roof cars, water damage can be a worry but we don't see any of that with this one. As you can imagine the back seats are in just as good a shape and even have a trick little Z logo in the center. While largely all original there are two tweaks to the interior. The more useful of the two being the nearly new Momo Nero wheel which is a welcomed upgrade over the original one. The other being a flip-out Pioneer head unit which is nice, but ultimately you'll want to swap out for something more US friendly. You do still have all of your other power accessories like automatic climate control, power-folding mirrors, power locks, and even cruise control. The A/C is working as it should for those days when you don't want to roll around topless, but admittedly that's the best part of these!

Likely one of the most underrated engines Nissan has ever built, the VG30DETT is a monster waiting to be unleashed. These were extremely well built from the factory, and its iron block is capable of some serious horsepower numbers on the stock internals. This VG30DETT however is nearly stock with only a few simple bolt-ons to make your daily drive more enjoyable. Most notably the full turbo-back exhaust. Sard high flow cats lead to a full Fujitsubo unit which gives the V6 is hearty growl. Since it retains cats you don't have to deal with any form of highway drone that cheap aftermarket exhaust are known for. With only 65K verified miles the VG is quick to fire up and at this point has hardly been broken in. The transmission shifts in and out of gear with ease and drama free. Nissan also equipped this with one of the first versions of a semi-manual gearbox. Featuring a clever little "hold" button that when engaged allows you can select and hold a gear. It also has a "power" feature for quicker shifts when you're not looking to do things manually. While people have a tendency to sleep on the autos, they're actually quicker than the 5-speed versions. Since you're never out of boost the turbos give you constant power, until you start pushing state trooper territory that is. Aside from the Tein coilovers a color-matched strut tower brace helps to strengthen the front end. This formidable grand tourer is a great chassis for daily driving or long road trips. Its muscular proportions and aggressive stance are still en vogue today, and this 300ZX has the stout mechanicals to last another quarter-century. For those really looking to stand out in the Z world now is your chance for an ideal turn-key example!

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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