1993 Nissan Skyline Custom R33 Coupe

Sold: $19,495

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In stock trim, the R33 Skyline has a very subtle approach to the sports coupe concept. A traditional front engine, rear wheel drive setup, designed to turn blistering laps on Sunday and your groceries on Monday. Sometimes we come across a car that throws all that out the window and goes for in your face performance and head turning looks. This one has certainly taken on the approach of the latter. Right off the bat you can't help but notice the custom metallic fuchsia paint, meaning you'll never loose track of where you parked your car. Obviously not a factory color, originally this '93 was finished in Super Clear Red (AN0). The color swap was pretty thoroughly with only the engine bay and trunk showing the original tone. It appears the color swap was probably done when the FRP kit was fitted. The paint looks good however is definitely not perfect since most of the kit is FRP. Overall the body is straight and free of any notable dents or dings, and the kit fits up pretty well. The front end has been replaced with the more aggressive series 3 GT-R style bumper with the Nismo lip showing off the massive HKS front mount. Hiding behind the bumper is a Greddy oil cooler to help keep engine temps down. To further aid engine bay temps, a FRP vented hood replaces the factory steel one. Keeping with the GT-R vibe, it's sporting a GTR style rear wing which is certainly more pronounced than the original GTS25t one. Clear tail lamps give the back end a totally different look from the factory red ones. Rolling on two sets of Advan AVS Model 5's (17" front and 18" rear) fill the wheel wells more appropriately. The wheels have been powder coated black with a heavy metallic pink flake that seriously pops in the sunlight.

The interior has been kept a bit more tame when it comes to the modifications. One of the most useful additions was the Recaro Confetti driver's seat. These offer stupendous support while still having the comfort of being able to adjust and recline for longer hauls. The three spoke steering wheel and weighted shift knob further enhance the driving experience. The A pillar has a Greddy Temperature gauge installed along with blue LED back lighting throughout. All of the fabric and plastics have been very well maintained free of any notable rips or stains. The dash is crack free however it looks like there may have been something previously mounted in the center near the top of the dash. Fitted with all of the power accessories of the time; windows, mirrors, door locks, and automatic climate control are operating as they should.

Mechanically the RB25DET has been well maintained and gone through by our trained technicians. Currently it has 93K verified miles which is pretty spot on for a car of this age. The intake has been replaced with a Blitz filter which really amplifies the noise of the turbo. Paired with the front mount and open exhaust the turbo spools noticeably quicker. The downpipe back has been upped to 3" compliments of Fujitsubo. Like the rest of the car, it's loud. It's not deafening or have too much drone at highway speeds, but people will notice when you fire it up. The suspension has been stiffened front and rear with Cusco strut tower braces. Below those are a set of HKS coilovers which help to get the ride height where it should have been to begin with. Since it's been here we've replaced the timing belt and water pump, ensuring the next owner won't have to deal with it again for quite some time. Four new tires, a battery, and wheel bearing were also taken care of making it ready to start it's new life in America. The 2.5 liter fires right up and drives fantastic. The suspension provides excellent feedback and the 5 speed is seamless. Due to the kit and ride height we couldn't get it on the lift in the showroom to get our traditional underbody shots. There's nothing of concern to note, but we could always try some additional photos upon request. This car was clearly built with the intentions of being a real driver's car, not a trailer queen. Hopefully the next owner will keep it that way.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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