1993 Nissan Skyline 60th Anniversary Edition

Sold: $16,795

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Stock Number: 4203

Perfected for the final year of production, this 1993 "60th Anniversary" edition Skyline coupe is a well-maintained example that ticks all the boxes for the motoring enthusiast. Finished in (KH2) Gun Gray Metallic, this 109K verified mile two-door was optioned from the factory with Type-M aero, OEM rain guards, a viscous LSD, and special interior appointments. Other than a couple of small chips and errant dings from normal use, the body is straight with no major defects. Utilizing a silky smooth RB20DET and a true manual gearbox, this Skyline delivers a premium ride, but can also be hustled through some twisties at a moments notice. Largely original, and lightly modified, this R32 can fit the bill as a daily driver or as a platform modify and race.

The folks at Nissan made a slew of money on Kei cars and inexpensive S-chassis cars. For entry-level pricing, consumers would happily sacrifice the quality of interior materials and would accommodate less than perfect fit and finish. However, the Skyline was an upmarket vehicle in Nissan's portfolio, and a slate of better quality materials was chosen. That's not to say these better materials were immune to age and use related wear, and as examples, the dash has the typical Skyline bubble of distortion and the steering wheel has some accelerated leather wear. The original plastic hood release lever was cracked in Japan and has subsequently been replaced with a non-OE metal pull, overall the interior plastics have held up quite well. The headliner and door cards are both in better than average shape and are holding tight and taut in their perspective locations. The matching seats have been well preserved, and are devoid of any major holes, tears, or stains. The rear, like many coupes, look hardly used. The instrumentation all functions, and the controls are all at hand. Visibility is fantastic due to the skinny A-pillars and functional fog lamps. Power locks, mirrors, and windows are all operational, making the R32 a more appealing option as a daily driver.

Nissan's tried and true 1998cc turbo-six RB makes great power while delivering above-average refinement. It fires up quickly and feels great throughout the powerband. Our trained technicians have taken care of lots of maintenance items, including a set of new plugs, fuel filter, and oil change. In Japan, most Skylines are automatic transmission-equipped, however, this 1993 has a proper three-pedal assembly. The five-speed runs through the gears happily without a hitch or grind. Acceleration is brisk, and the R32 sounds good doing it. A Fujitsubo exhaust and HKS intake add a few more ponies to the mix and a HKS BOV pops off when you lift off the throttle. The acoustics make you forget the car lacks a head unit, and the RB sings until redline. The OEM suspension provides tons of clearance for daily use but also has some redeeming traits. Mostly the ride quality should be noted, as many examples of these R32s rides an inch from the ground while chattering your teeth. Large and small bumps are gobbled up by the struts, and the platform, as a result, has few squeaks and rattles. Freshened by a set of upper control arms, the suspension feels like we imagine the factory would have desired. The steering is nicely weighted and the brake pads and rotors have been replaced at all four corners, resulting in a reassuring pedal feel. Five-spoke, lightweight, Work Eqip alloys have new all-season tires mounted at all four corners. The rubber results in plenty of grip even if your Sunday drive doesn't include plenty of sunshine.

Packaging a punchy turbo-six and a proper manual gearbox with clean, iconic styling, the R32 generation of cars is appreciating in value for a reason. True sports cars with the magic third pedal are falling by the wayside nowadays, and while it makes sense from a sales and performance perspective, there is a genuine disconnect between the driver and vehicle. With clean examples getting harder to find by the day, the Type M R32 is a purebred Japanese Classic!

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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