1993 Nissan Silvia K’s S14

Sold: $17,495

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Stock Number: 4503

Nissan made one of the most noticeable change-ups to its lineup of cars for '93 model year. Out with the boxy, angular, designs of the Skyline and Silvia and in with newfound curves. The new, rounded bodywork allowed for the car to be slightly wider and lower than the outgoing Silvia but with only a marginal jump in the physical dimension. The lowered stance only helped aid the already nimble handling characteristics that the S13 was known for. However, where's the fun in leaving anything stock? This gorgeous Silver Ice Blue (FL0) K's has seen quite a few upgrades to both its looks and trademark SR powertrain. While the stock bodylines are instantly recognizable the full Origin Labo aero only kicks things up a notch. With the nature of FRP it never lines up quite as perfectly as the original pieces did, but overall the kit looks great. There are a few small spiderwebs in the paint but realistically you'd only really notice if you were looking for them. It feels generally safe to assume the car was resprayed when the aero was added since the color match is pretty spot on and it has very few blemishes to note. The body is in a very similar shape with only a few typical door dings. Since the stock wheels obviously wouldn't cut it 17" Work VSX's wrapped in fresh rubber take their place and look far more aggressive. HKS was turned to in order to get the stance to a more acceptable height and cut down on some of that terrible wheel gap.

The interior is also well maintained and clean with a similar style to the exterior. The dash is in great condition and has no major sun damage or cracks which is becoming a more common issue on S14's. The door panels are also very clean, have no rips or tears, and the fabric inserts are in great condition. Obviously the fixed back Recaro bucket wasn't original but it sure does a great job of keeping you in place. It does have a small hole in the driver's bolster but is overall in far better shape than many of the buckets that we see. The stock striped seats are in excellent shape for the passenger and in the rear barring a few typical small stains. The stock wheel and shift knob were replaced in favor of a much nicer Nardi three spoke and matching Impul knob. Tucked in nicely behind that Nardi is a Blitz boost gauge to keep an eye on actual boost levels. Reason being down to the left of the steering column is a Greddy ProfecB which allows for adjustable boost settings on the fly. Matched up with that is a Billion VFC (Variable Fan Controller) which allows you to set when the fans kick on. While it does have an aftermarket head unit it's not currently powered so we couldn't check on the speaker condition. Otherwise, it has all of your typical power accessories of the era; power windows, mirrors, locks, and a digital climate control system.

Besides the great looks, the best part of this car is under the hood. The SR20DET has had quite a few upgrades made to it to get the most out of the aluminum two-liter. With only 74K verified miles the Silvia appears to have been rather well cared for using quality parts all around. The tubular exhaust manifold is always a great addition for both flow and frankly a little engine bay bling. An APEX'i intake feeds through a larger Z32 MAF. To make sure you've got fuel to support it all a Sard fuel pressure regulator was added as well. One of the more interesting additions is the Okada Projects plasma ignition booster which we don't see often. They turned to Greddy for the giant front mount intercooler which looks great filling up that Origin bumper. Behind that big front mount is an upgraded aluminum radiator and the added space gave room for an oil filter relocation and oil cooler. The exhaust appears to have been a custom made titanium setup from the turbo back. We are working to have it repaired as it currently has a leak so it doesn't sound as good as it should in the video. They even went as far as to have a custom low profile oil pan made for the car to ensure clearance was never an issue. The brakes and suspension needed to be upgraded to keep up with everything else so they switched to the larger Z32 calipers and ARC sway bars front and rear. The 5 speed shifts with ease and sends the power rearward through an upgraded LSD. The SR fires up with a quick twist of the key and has no issues with utilizing the entire 7K rev range. This car was clearly built to be driven, and we know that's just what most of us are looking for. Now, all it needs is a new town to call home.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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