1993 Nissan Homy Diesel

Sold: $7,495

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Stock Number: 4389

The minivan in the United States generally has a negative connotation associated with it. Unfortunately, American designed minivans were about as boring and uninteresting as possible. It's like US automakers all decided that they would actively try to build the ugliest, most boring van they could imagine... which they then proceeded to do. Shockingly, they still are. For instance, Dodge has it's latest iteration of the "Grand Caravan" of which absolutely nothing is grand whatsoever. Sad, but Americans still buy them in droves, which is likely why they remain in production. Thankfully the rest of the world doesn't see any reason the minivan has to be boring or poorly designed. Even better, now you can own an imported van from a country that makes the most interesting, fun, and exciting minivans in the world. The Nissan Homy was the start of a minivan revolution in Japan and it's easy to see why. The cab-over design allows designers to give the consumer maximum interior space while using minimal exterior space, making the Homy very easy to drive and maneuver even in a tight city setting. Of course, this design feature adds to the interesting look of the Homy as well. The exterior of this particular example has been well cared for over the last 27 years in Japan. Having just 58k verified miles it comes as no surprise that the body and paint are as nice as they are. Of course, there are a few minor rock chips and small door dings but overall excellent condition. The paint shines nicely and is in great condition. There is some touch-up paint on the left corner of the front bumper, and some light staining below the windshield wiper squirters, but that's about the worst of it. The body is also very straight few no major dings or dents. It's obvious the previous owner of this van thought it was pretty cool too!

Inside is where the Nissan Homy really shines. This minivan is equipped with more features than a Mercedes Benz from the same year; now that's a cool van! Upfront you'll find 2 excellent condition captains chairs that show virtually no wear. A large sunroof sits over top of the front passengers and includes the factory sunshade which is commonly lost. From the driver's seat, all of the controls are at your fingertips including the power rear privacy curtains, again, how cool is that?! The rear climate control can also be operated from the driver's seat and is dual-zone so rear passengers do not affect the driver's comfort. The front door panels are in excellent condition showing no rips, tears, or major staining. The power windows function properly, along with the power locks, and even the power-folding side mirrors which are also heated for the winter months. The rear passenger compartment is cavernous and includes a versatile seating arrangement. The middle row of seats can be swiveled 180 degrees for "limo style" seating above the rear passengers is a gigantic sunroof large enough for 2 people to stand up in if you were so inclined. Additional rear climate controls, privacy curtain controls, and lighting controls and all available to rear passengers. With the headrests removed the rear seats also fold down flat creating a comfortable place to rest on long trips. The rest of the interior is clean and tidy and all of the interior panels are intact. The carpet is free of any major staining making one sharp interior.

The heart of this Homy is the 2.7 liter turbo diesel TD27. These engines are known not only for their fantastic reliability and low maintenance but also for their excellent fuel economy from larger vehicles like this Homy. The engine fires up quickly and idles along smoothly. While you won't be winning any races with the turbo diesel powerplant, it moves along pleasantly, and once up to highway speeds cruises quite comfortably. Shifts through the automatic transmission are smooth and easy. This example being RWD means increased fuel economy over the 4WD models and less weight to lug around. A fresh oil change and 4 brand new tires bring the maintenance up to date and this quirky, cool, and certainly not boring minivan is ready to make a splash in the US!

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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