1993 Nissan Gloria Y32 Gran Turismo

Sold: $7,995

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The Y32 platform has become one of our best reviewed GT's to date. This particular Gloria Gran Turismo is a 1993 with only 64K miles on it. Finished in, arguably, one of Nissan's best colors: Dark Blue Pearl Metallic. Overall this has been one well preserved example of why the luxury tourer became so popular in Japan. The body has been well maintained for it's age with minimal flaws. The front end is largely free of any notable stone chips, the only real cosmetic issue is a scuff on the lower passenger rear rocker. Otherwise all of the body lines are straight and free of any major dents or dings. The paint has a deep sheen and really causes the chrome trim to pop in the sunlight. The boxy design has made these particularly popular in the VIP scene. A set of coilovers and larger wheels really transforms the Y32.

The interiors are very simple and well laid out. All of the lesser used functions are neatly tucked away in the dash with pop outs for things like business cards. All of the accessories are powered for convenience like the windows, door locks, driver seat, parking brake, etc. Everything on this is function just as it should including the original tape player. Automatic climate control with cold A/C is easy to use despite being in Japanese. The only notable blemish to the interior is a gouge (about an inch) on the driver side door panel. The seats and carpets are in excellent shape free of any notable rips or stains. Even the original floor mats have been well preserved.

Power comes compliments of the VG30DE 3.0 Liter V6. The V6 fires right up and runs well. It may not win at your local drag strip but it has more than enough power to get you away from the light. The motor has ample torque and feels good at highway speeds. The suspension is well sorted and designed for gobbling up the miles in comfort. However, unlike your grandfather's Cadillac, if you take an exit a little too hot you're not going to feel like you're about to tip over. This Gloria is a great example of what an unmolested Y32 should be. The whole package wraps up into an excellent daily with a lot of untapped potential.

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