1992 Toyota Soarer GT Turbo

Available for: $14,995

Stock Number: 4908

The Toyota Soarer is a sizable, elegant, and powerful machine making it the ultimate blend of luxury and performance. In 1991 the JZZ30 debuted in Japan as one of the most extravagant Grand Tourers of its time. With its sleek and sophisticated styling, it has proven to be an iconic design for years to come. The Soarer shares the same underpinnings as the infamous MKIV Supra but with all of the refinement and luxury, you want in your everyday driver. This particular vehicle has been kept generally all stock, just as Toyota had envisioned it. Finished in Platinum Silver (176) is a classic color choice for these and really fits the luxury styling. The paint itself is in great shape barring some light scratches/swirls in the clear coat, but that's nitpicking, to say the least. The massive bodywork has also been spared from any issues, it's even hard to really spot any door dings which is surprising considering just how long these doors are. The front bumper has been upgraded to the later model which is a bit more aggressive while still keeping an OEM look unlike going with something aftermarket. The same can be said about the Kouki tail lights which are a bit sleeker than what it would have originally come with. A set of 18" AVS Model 5s wrapped in fresh rubber round out the looks and really do a much better job of filling the wheel wells. Of course, the Tein coilovers with Swift springs help to get the ride height down to a more acceptable level and really get the AVS tucked in there properly.

To say the least, it's remarkable how nice the cockpit is in the Soarer. Like the exterior, designers used flowing lines and soft-touch surfaces to create an upscale experience. Soarer featured several options not available in its US counterpart, the Lexus SC. Only available in Japan is the unmistakably 90's digital dash which really is an awesome feature. The floating gauges of the digital dash still look impressive and modern. While it's not uncommon for them to have some pixelation or dull spots, this one is really rich letting it pop against the equally rare gray leather interior. The climate control screen, on the other hand, is suffering from some of that pixelation. It doesn't have an impact on how it works, but it does make it a bit harder to read so you'll find yourself adjusting the temperature more by feel than anything else. It appears that the A/C system does have a leak somewhere in the system but a good A/C shop should be able to track that down. The radio itself is no longer powered but wouldn't have done much good here stateside, to begin with. The powered seats are a nice touch which we don't see too often, specially trimmed in leather. The driver's seat does have some slight wear from use over the years, but nothing out of the ordinary for leather seats. The passenger seat on the other hand looks nearly new. Both of which are full power-adjustable so you'll never struggle to find a good spot. While the rear seats are realistically more for storage than people, the front's are super plush making them great for long drives. Since the Sorarer is a GT at heart it even has some luxuries that we don't often see like cruise control. fitted with all of the power accessories you would expect like powered folding mirrors, one-touch driver's window, and that automatic climate control. A tilting power sunroof makes sure you've got plenty of fresh air for those upcoming spring cruises. The wood grain veneer is a nice touch and surprisingly doesn't have any cracks from heat cycling over the years. The door panels do have the typical split along the top which is a common issue with the Soarers for some reason. Otherwise, there's really not much to complain about with this one, it even still has the original owners manual in the stealthy glovebox.

The main difference from the Lexus sold stateside is that potent drivetrain combination. The twin-turbo 2.5L offers plenty of punch and the fact you could even get a 5 speed paired up with that from the factory is pretty wild. Even in mostly stock trim, this Soarer packs plenty of punch. With only 86K verified miles the 1J fires right up with ease. Boost comes on quickly thanks to Toyota's twin-turbo design and pulls strong all the way to redline. As with the rest of the car, there are a few nice upgrades to help the 1J breathe easier. A fresh HKS the open filter intake lets the turbos really sing and gives that distinct chirp when you get out of the throttle. If you haven't heard a 1JZ at full chat through a proper exhaust then you're in for a real surprise. For such a big GT car you'd never expect it to sound this good, though that's all thanks to the Blitz Nur Spec catback exhaust. The Tein coilovers not only get the ride height down to a more acceptable level but also helps to cut down on body roll. Being coilovers it is a bit more still than stock but nothing too aggressive for your normal commute. Being a proper GT car this one is fitted with an easy-shifting auto trans. While these can be turned into drift monsters, most people are simply in search of an enjoyable car to jump in and cruise which makes the auto so much more appealing. The trans engages without any hesitation and easily sends the power to the rear wheels. If you'd rather get a bit wild and swap it out to a manual you have a slew of options available. The R154 is what would have been offered from the factory but we've also seen these replaced with the CD009 6 speeds as well as a host of other options if you really want to take that route. In order to make sure our Soarer is ready to take on daily duty, it's been fully inspected by our trained technicians. Several key items have been replaced in order to ensure that it's ready to start its US chapter. A fresh battery makes start-up a snap, a new set of steering rack bushings, and also new valve cover gaskets. One test drive is all it takes to show you why the 1JZ powered cars blew away the SC's that we got stateside. Combining a level of luxury, dependability, and performance rarely seen makes this an ideal daily driver.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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