1992 Toyota Land Cruiser VX 80

Sold: $22,995

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Stock Number: 4680

The Toyota Land Cruiser represents all of the best attributes of the modern sports utility vehicle. The 80 series brought a long list of fresh upgrades, including new sheet metal, an unstoppable 4.2L turbo diesel, and a more spacious/luxurious interior. This 1992 model has plenty of room for the family, and a 4WD system capable enough to get them through the most treacherous terrain on or off-road. While largely all stock, it's hard to argue with its brutish looks. The BERG grille guard is home to a pair of FET auxiliary fog lights which makes for a nice addition when you find yourself on those pitch-black backroads. The color choice was on point from the factory, finished in Dark Bluish Gray Metallic (183) it's a very understated color that you just don't see too often out on the roads these days. The paint looks great for its age and has been generally spared from any notable issues. With anything of this age its naturally going to have some stone chips and light scratches in the clear, but nothing of real concern. The bodywork is just as clean, which is a challenge in Japan considering just how congested things can get. There are always still a few little door dings or minor blemishes, but overall it looks great.

The VX limited package was highly sought after and for a few great reasons. It's roomy, full of features, and has held up well over the years. The driver has a fantastic command of the road which is half the reason for getting a full-sized SUV over today's drab crossovers. The spacious cabin has a number of convenience features and power amenities as the Land Cruiser was deemed a luxury SUV. An adjustable steering column with its Nardi steering wheel fits all sizes and has a classic look and is fantastic shape. Power folding mirrors, windows, and locks are also standard and a center console "CoolBox" keeps drinks cool on long cruises. The two-tone Alcantara seats are in excellent shape and lack any major rips stains or tears in both rows. The seats have great bolstering and is actually power-adjustable upfront which is a nice little perk. Normally we expect to see some wear to the seat base from hopping in and out over the years but this one has been largely spared from that. The digital climate system works as it should, and a separate climate zone is available to rear passengers. If you don't wish to use the A/C, OEM rain guards allow for some needed ventilation on fair weather days. These even came with a huge power sunroof for these cool fall nights ahead of us. The headliner is still nice and taught while the door panels are in great shape as well. Normally we see some distortion at the top of the driver's one from the heat vent but we're happy to say this one still looks great.

Underneath the massive hood is Toyota's tried and true 1HD-T 4.2 straight-six. These torquey beasts are known for being bulletproof and have surprisingly little vibration. With only 100K verified miles the startup is robust, and the 4.2L mill clatters to life with that satisfying diesel hum. Mechanically the Land Cruiser is loved for its simplicity and reliability with these motors being known for doing well over a quarter-million miles. These produce more than enough power for the highway with gobs of torque to get you out of any off-road mishaps you may encounter, even if it is just a snowy day leaving Costco. The automatic transmission shifts well albeit, with little urgency, it's not a race car after all. The rugged 4x4 system is eager to perform which is what makes these so capable. This one is a K295 truck which means it's fitted with the front and rear LSD as well as the same center locking diff if you really find yourself in a bind. While we do service all of our vehicles upon arrival this one didn't need much to get it back into fighting shape. Fresh All Terrain Yokahamas wrap the 16" Bridgestone CV 645s to help make sure you've got plenty of grip on hand. The hubs were tightened as a safety precaution and per all of our vehicles, it got a fresh oil change. The Land Cruiser has been a staple in the SUV world since 1951 with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Now is your chance to own one with the proper diesel that we never had the privilege of here in the US.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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