1992 Subaru Sambar Dias Van

Sold: $8,249

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The Subaru Sambar is most of the most popular of the Kei van segments out there. This two tone '92 with 47K miles is an awesome example of just why they're so loved. From the factory Subaru nailed the combination of quirky looks and practicality. With the driver sitting directly above the front wheels forward visibility is phenomenal. Couple that with such spacious wrap around windows you've got an easy view out from every angle. The body has been exceptionally well maintained and is free of any notable dents or dings. The paint has been kept in equally great condition with no serious blemishes to be found. The blue on top has a nice metallic flake to it and the white makes for a very stark contrast.

The interior has been very well maintained and is where the Sambar's practicality shines. While the exterior dimensions are tiny, almost all of that space is usable inside. The rear seats will fold flat making the rear cargo area 6' long that way you can actually treat it as a cargo carrier. Even with the seats up you've got about 3.5' from the hatch to the back of the seats. The two tone interior has been well preserved over the years and has very minimal signs of wear. Both of the front seats are in great shape, free of any rips or tears. The back seats appear to have hardly been used and are in equally great shape. The carpeting has even been kept up well and is free of any notable stains. While not option heavy there are several nice standard features. Up front you've got power windows and a pop up venting sunroof. The climate controls functions as it should and blows cold. The back is equipped with roll down windows and a separate heater as well. While it does have a massive panoramic sunroof it is currently inoperable. We believe it may be due to the roof mounted switch and are looking into getting it working properly again. The factory radio is still present and has a tape player that could be used with a 3.5mm adapter.

Power is sent to all four wheels via the EN07, supercharged, 660CC 4 cylinder. With a thundering 54hp the Sambar is surprisingly quick around town. Thanks to the supercharger it's a very rev happy little motor. They are also capable of 70 mph highway speeds however it's not exactly what they were designed for. The 4 cylinder fires right up and idles along nicely. The super charger starts pulling low in the rev range and pulls hard strong up to the 7K redline. The 5 speed manual is very easy to drive and has a nice grabby clutch. Engagement is very forgiving and going through the gears is drama free. Coupled with the AWD system these are very capable little vans regardless of the weather.

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