1992 Honda Prelude Si VTEC

Sold: $8,495

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This 1992 Honda Prelude Si VTEC (BB1) maintains an original appearance and has a number of features such as four-wheel steering, optional sunroof, and optional GATHERS audio. There are a few areas on the trim that show some minor wear but otherwise the exterior is in great shape. The paint shines very nicely, with plenty of depth, and no severe flaws. Likewise, the body is in good condition with no major dents or dings. Currently this Prelude has 138k original miles.

The interior has also maintained an original appearance and includes a factory owner’s manual and a number of records. There are a few small blemishes on the dash from a previously mounted item, but otherwise there’s not much to criticize. The seats and door panels are in very good shape with no rips or tears. The carpet and headliner look great and are free of stains.

This Prelude is powered by an H22 DOHC VTEC engine which was only offered in Japan. The engine starts right away, idles smoothly, and accelerates well with VTEC engaging as it should. The 5 speed manual transmission shifts correctly and the clutch does not slip. The only modification on this fourth generation Prelude is a Kakimoto catback exhaust system which provides an improved exhaust note without being excessively noisy. Records indicate the timing belt was replaced approximately 9,000 miles ago and overall it appears this vehicle was well maintained by the previous owner.

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