1992 Abbey Road Nissan Homy

Sold: $8,495

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This extremely original 1992 Nissan Homy Van just touched down with only 34K original miles. These have become almost cult like in following due to it's practicality, size, and fun loving nature. The two tone blue over silver shows exceptionally well with very few blemishes. For having so many large panels the previous owner did a great job of keeping it free of any major dents or dings. An aftermarket set of 15" wheels have been fitted to help liven up the side profile. 360 degree visibility and additional corner mirrors make parking a breeze.

The interior maintains the factory original feel, even down to the original tape player. Finished in a similar light blue color the seats and door panels have been kept in fantastic shape. No major rips, tears, or stains are present on any of the 8 seats. Unlike many vans the middle row is designed to swivel 180 degrees that way passengers aren't constantly have to look back over there shoulder on long trips. And when stationary all of the seats lay completely flat leaving you with 7' worth or livable space. Or if you're looking to haul some extra large cargo the 3rd row can easily be removed and stowed. Functional dual zone heat and air for the front and rear passengers alike are just some of the bonus creature comforts. Power front, two way sliding middle, and venting rear windows also help to keep everyone comfortable. And seeing as Japan has always been a bit ahead of the market the sliding door also has a soft close feature.

The Homy's Z20S 4 cylinder fires right up and idles great. The 4 speed automatic transmission goes through the gears smoothly and without any hesitation. The ride is smooth and easy just as a proper people mover should be. With only 34K original miles everything has been well maintained making this Homy is ready for your next adventure.

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