1989 Honda VFR400R NC30

Sold: $5,495

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The Honda V4R400R was the third iteration of the VFR model and the most widely recognizable though never imported into the US. Unlike the previous generations, a set of smaller twin headlights were fitted up front along with moving the single exit exhaust to the left giving easier access to the 18" rear wheel. The NC30 was also the first bikes produced by Honda to utilize an ELF Designed Advanced Pro-Arm Single-Sided swingarm. Since innovation is key this was also the first in the line up to feature a 360 degree crank firing engine (commonly referred to as a big-bang firing order.) Other notable improvements include the TRAC (Torque Reactive Anti-dive Circuit) front forks and 14,500 RPM redline. This one comes to us very well maintained with right at 30K original miles.

The electric start allows this to easily fire right up. Idle is smooth and the power band is endless with peak torque hitting at 12k while the close ratio six speed gearbox shifts flawlessly. The carburetors have been rebuilt and a tune up was just performed. The fairings and tank do have a few cosmetic blemishes but overall have been maintained very well for being a 29 years old bike. With a lower curb weight and better center of gravity than the RC30 it was modeled after, the 400R has been herald as one of the greatest beginners superbikes the US never saw.

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