1991 Toyota Soarer

Sold: $11,995

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Back in the glory days of Toyota, they were willing to take a chassis and transform it into all sorts of different iterations. By changing up the motor and body design they were able to take one well-designed chassis and make it a sports car one day and a proper luxury tourer the next. The ability to diversify so simply helped to create an incredibly diverse array of cars that we just don't see from manufacturers these days. The Soarer shares the same underpinnings as the infamous MKIV Supra but with all of the refinement and luxury, you want in your everyday driver. Our 1991 comes in with only 35K verified miles which are impressive even by our standards. Diamond White Pearl (051) over sand beige is a very traditional color combo that always seems to fit in the luxury market. The paint shows well for its age with only minimal blemishes. Naturally, the body has a few door dings and stone chips, but nothing out of the ordinary for a 28 year old car. The body has been kept all OEM, even with it' sportier rear wing. The front bumper has been updated with an OEM Kouki (1997+) front bumper including fog lights and grill which is certainly the most aesthetically pleasing front bumper offered for the Z30 Soarer from the factory. In addition, OEM Kouki side skirts have also been added to further update the body. In keeping with the OEM+ look, a set of newer 17" Lexus multi-spoke wheels were fitted as well giving the car an overall more modern look.

The interior has been kept all stock and in generally good condition. Both driver and passenger seats do have a few small blemishes on them (which can be seen in the photos) but have been spared of any rips or tears. Due to the nature of beige cloth, there is some slight discoloration to the seats, however, there are no severe or notable stains to be found. While the rear seats are realistically more for storage then people, the front's are super plush making them great for long drives. Since the Sorarer is a GT at heart it even has some luxuries that we don't often see like cruise control. One of everybody's favorite features of these interiors is the digital gauge cluster. These were well ahead of their time and unlike anything that was offered here in the US. These were fitted with all of the power accessories you would expect like powered folding mirrors, one-touch driver's window, and automatic climate control. The LCD display on the climate control is starting to wash out, which is a common thing, however, it is still functioning like it's supposed to. The massive driver's side door panel looks awesome, the passenger side does have a few minor issues. The door handle surround is missing and one of the lower trim pieces is cracked. Since these are generally the same as the SC300/400 you could ways pick up replacement pieces down the line if need be. Overall for being a 28 year old cabin it shows well for its age yet rides even better.

Powered by the twin-turbo 1JZ-GTE, the Z30 Soarer has loads of potential for making reliable power. Even in stock trim, this Soarer packs plenty of punch. Boost comes on quickly thanks to Toyota's twin-turbo design and pulls strong throughout the RPM range. Being a proper GT car this one is fitted with an easy-shifting auto trans. While these can be turned into drift monsters, most people are simply in search of an enjoyable car to jump in and cruise which makes the auto so much more appealing. The trans engages without any hesitation and easily sends the power to the rear wheels. Both the trans and suspension have adjustable settings for the times that you want to get out and have a little bit of fun. In order to make sure our Soarer is ready to take on daily duty, it's been fully inspected by our trained technicians. Several key items have been replaced in order to ensure that it's ready to start it's US chapter. Many of the big-ticket maintenance items have been addressed: new timing belt and front main seal, a new battery and air filter, 4 new tires, as well as a new bellow boot to replace the torn front right one, and lastly a routine oil change. One test drive is all it takes to show you why the 1JZ powered cars blew away the SC's that we got stateside. Combining a level of luxury, dependability, and performance rarely seen makes this an ideal daily driver.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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