1991 Toyota Land Cruiser

Sold: $19,995

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Stock Number: 4209

The Land Cruiser 80 Series vehicles are among the most durable vehicles Toyota has ever produced. These trucks are iconic, with their imposing dimensions, iconic styling, and the do-it-all practicality. Our latest arrival is this 1991, equipped with a 4.2L turbo diesel engine, that appears to have been exceptionally well cared for. The exterior is finished in Toyota Darkish Blue Grey (183) which is arguably the best color they were offered in. The paint itself shows really well for its age, other than some scuffs located on the front and rear bumpers. The clear coat does have some scratches in it from routine wear over the years, but nothing out of the ordinary. Despite it's off-road, rugged roots, the body has been kept up with very well. Sought after options include the factory electronic winch, OEM rain guards, and a sunroof, all backed by Toyotas bulletproof reputation for build quality.

Much like the body, the interior tells the same story. The two-tone gray and black really plays up well against the darker exterior. The textured cloth is both durable and surprisingly supple making it a great place for those long road trips. The driver's seat is in great condition, with only some light bolster wear to be noted. Also to be noted, both sun visors sag which is a common thing we see with the 80 series. Both rows have held up well, and the bolstering is such that long cruisers are easily accomplished. The material is still soft to the touch and devoid of any major discoloration. The door cards and carpeting are in the same condition and the dash has been kept from any cracking or sun damage. To further protect the quality of the cabin, the old owners installed privacy tint reducing interior temps and direct sunlight from the interior. The headliner is taught and devoid of any major damage. The sunroof operates as it should and a sunshade can be utilized to eliminate direct sunlight. While known for their off-road prowess, the day to day comforts is what most of us will be utilizing. These come fitted with all of the luxury amenities of the day, including a one-touch driver's side window, a center console refrigerator, an adjustable steering column, and automatic climate control. These all work as they should, and the A/C cools the cabin during the summer months, and the heat works for the upcoming winter.

Underneath the massive hood is Toyota's tried and true 1HD-T 4.2 straight-six. These torquey beasts are known for being bulletproof and have surprisingly little vibration. Coming in with only 58K verified miles this diesel literally has just gotten out of the break-in phase. Engine startup is robust, and the 4.2L mill clatters to life with the assistance of 2 new 12V batteries. Benefitting from a fresh oil and filter service, it needn't be maintained for another five thousand kilometers. From the bottom of the powerband, a noticeable difference in acceleration can be felt from its gasoline-powered counterpart. The automatic transmission shifts well, albeit with little urgency. The lumbering giant has no issues getting up to, and above, US interstate speeds. Over the thousand of logged miles on our FJ80's, we see demonstrable better fuel economy coming from the diesel-powered trucks. Ground clearance is abundant, and to aid entry into the cabin, OEM running boards are fashioned. The soft suspension wallows over potholes, but suit the nature of the vehicle; these are massive cruisers after all, not sports coupes. If the driver desires a firmer drive, the TEMS system can adjust suspension firmness on the fly for a more connected and less floaty feel. The rugged 4x4 system is eager to perform, making this hauler ideal in unsafe conditions. This one is a K295 truck which means it's fitted with the front and rear LSD with an electronic center differential. If you find yourself in a sticky situation, our trained technicians have mounted a new set of Achilles all-terrain tires at all four corners, plus a full size new spare tire.

Offered with much lower mileage and better condition than its US substitutes, this Land Cruiser comes with the most desirable of engines ever equipped in this generation of Cruiser. Its capabilities exceed US versions, and our VX limited is a better optioned, anyhow. This diesel brute makes for a turn-key, Japanese Classic that would be great hauling the family to school or tackling the rocky terrain of Moab Utah.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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