1991 Tastefully Modified Nissan Skyline GTR

Sold: $34,495

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The GTR is already infamous for the performance right out of the box, however everything gets that much better when you start building up from there. The previous owner of this 69K mile 1991 GTR definitely knew how much potential there was and began modifying accordingly. The exterior has been kept mostly all original seeing as Nissan did quite the job in designing the R32. The stock GTR wheels have been replaced with a set of killer 18" Rays Gram Lights 57DR's. To help reduce dreaded wheel gap and improve the cornering ability a set of Tein coilovers have been installed as well. A very subtle set of PIAA LED running lights were added up front for a more modern look. Otherwise the exterior has been well maintained to original standards. The Black Pearl Metallic paint shows great and has been well maintained over the years. There are some stone chips on the front bumper and hood, as to be expected with any car that's been driven. The body has been kept up just as well with very minimal dents or dings, nothing that a little PDR couldn't correct. This car is also fitted with the rare Nismo side skirts which really adds to the aggressive stance.

The interior remains largely original with some choice driver focused modifications. The Momo steering wheel is in awesome shape for the age and the Razo shift knob feels very well balanced. Mounted above the gauge cluster is a Defi boost gauge with full playback capabilities. This can also be linked in with additional gauges for added monitoring. To help with boost management a HKS EVC (Electronic Valve Controller) 6 has been installed and mounted behind the steering wheel. Also a Carrozzeria double din replaces the factory unit and original gauges. The rest of the interior has been left in great original condition. To keep some of the more common wear spots safe a Superior Auto Creative carbon fiber style cover was added to the center arm rest and hand brake cover. The driver side bolster does have some slight separation from use and can be seen in the pictures. The passenger and rear seats have been kept up well and are free of any notable stains or tears. The same can be said about the carpets, door panels, and the Nismo floor mats. And unlike the vast majority of R32's this dash is actually free of the ever common bubble. All of the power accessories operate as they should including the automatic climate control with cold A/C.

The heart of Godzilla is the RB26DETT which is also sporting some quality additions. The dual HKS intake looks and sounds great. To keep the fresh air coming a large HKS front mounter intercooler fills up the front bumper. A Cusco strut tower brace was added for additional rigidity as well as a NISMO oil cap for some engine bay flash. A Fujitsubo catback exhaust gives a nice growl on start up and sounds fantastic as the RPM climb. The RB fires right up and has a nice even idle. The turbo's spool up quickly and pulls hard all the way to redline. The power delivery is smooth and very manageable. A Nismo 2 way LSD has been added which is noticeable at low speeds. The suspension feels very stable at speed while not beating you up on the highway. The same can be said about the exhaust as there's no drone at highway speeds. The 5 speed engages with ease and feels great when rowing through the gears. There's no wonder why this car has such a cult following. Thanks to the aftermarket world being so strong for the R32 this GTR is one serious car to contend with.

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