1991 Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-t Type-M

Sold: $23,495

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Stock Number: 4884

Does it get much better than the R32 Skyline? It's arguably the most noteworthy car out of Japan that we never had the privilege of enjoying here, until now. Since we were first able to bring these over 7 years ago they've been one of our most requested vehicles. The styling of these has aged gracefully as they still turn heads everywhere they go. Being that this particular '91 is a Type-M it came fitted with more aggressive bodywork out of the gate so you know it's not one of the lesser models. While generally stock as far as the bodywork goes there is one key differentiation which is the GTR hood and grille conversion. The Aluminum hood is both hard to find (even in Japan) and cuts down on a surprising amount of unnecessary weight. A set of white face and polished lip 18" Work CR Kais wrapped in fresh rubber absolutely nail the looks. While it doesn't take much to make these cars look good, the white face really pops off of the Light Grey Metallic (TG0) paint. The stock color looks great and is a nice change from the more common Gun Gray Metallic that we usually see. The paint is in great shape barring a typical stone chip or two. The same can be said about the bodywork which is free of any noteworthy dents or dings.

The interior is largely stock and in pretty good shape, largely devoid of any major rips or stains. The two-tone gray cloth seats are as comfortable as they look. Both front seats are in fantastic shape, free of the typical bolster wear that we normally see on these. The same goes for any sort of bolster breakdown or seam separation. The back seats look just as good, if not better. That one comes as less of a surprise since most people aren't begging to hop back there since they are a bit cramped for full-sized adults. The door panels have held up equally well as it's not too uncommon for the center portion to delaminate which is refreshing to see. Even the infamous dash bubble has been kept at bay with only the slightest hint of one over by the passenger vent. A Defi boost gauge was added atop the gauge cluster since the factory one is a bit of a joke. The plastic surround for the cluster does have some crack which is another relatively common issue with R32s but doesn't have any real impact on its functionality. The stock wheel was ditched in favor of a matching white NRG wheel to help tie the look of the Works inside the cabin. Tucked neatly behind the wheel is a Greddy Informeter which is a rather clever little piece. Designed to work with non-OBD cars it gives you the ability to integrate things like boost and extra temp sensors. The cockpit is driver-oriented, and the ergonomics are great in this model. The controls are all at hand and clearly labeled. Naturally, these had all the powered accessories of the time; power-folding mirrors, windows, door locks, and digital climate control. This one even has the factory rain guards which are rather hard to come by. All of these creature comforts help to elevate the very purpose-driven interior. The A/C does appear to be inop but it's a bit hard for us to tell when it's this cold outside.

Popping the hood reveals Nissan's fabled RB20DET with only 93K miles, however, they were not verified prior to leaving Japan. Based on the replacement timing belt sticker that job was done a mere 2,700 miles ago so it's likely that the mileage is accurate but they simply couldn't provide enough documentation to back it up. The engine bay has been left generally stock, which inspires a bit of confidence that it's lived an easier life than its raced out counterparts. It does have an HKS open filter intake which is a necessity. The stock airbox is functional, but it kills all the fun sounds that you want out of a turbo setup. Since the stock exhaust is so restrictive that was also replaced with a freer-flowing setup which actually lets you enjoy the RB. Since it retains the original cat and still has a resonator it won't drive you crazy on the highway with drone but still lets that trademark sound come through. With the quick twist of the key, the RB fires right up and settles into a nearly vibration-free idle. Power comes on quickly as the turbo spools and pulls heartily to redline. The 5-speed shifts easily without any hitch or grinds making it a blast to row through the gears. While the stock suspension is plenty capable Tein coilovers offer a level of adjustment you just can't get from the stock setup. Now you've got the right ride height and added stability for the twisties. That Cusco strut tower brace also helps with tying the suspension together and helps cut down on body flex. Mechanically it was in good shape but we have cleaned up a few issues that it had. The left front outer tie rod was replaced, along with the right rear knuckle, left rear HICAS arm, and fixed a small exhaust leak. A Japanese Classic for many reasons, the Skyline is prized as a collector car that you can daily drive. With its iconic looks, fantastic driving dynamics, and rarity this turn-key example is up to date on maintenance and ready to carve up some pavement with the best of them!

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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