1991 Nissan RPS13 Series 2

Stock Number: 4741

The S13 has been long known as the swiss army knife of coupes. It doesn't matter what you're looking for, this chassis can do it all, and well at that. Stanced out show car, drift missile, autocross car, or daily driver, take your pick. This 1991 comes to us nearly completely stock and in excellent shape. Many great sports cars have endured the test of time due to its connection with the driver behind the wheel. Those who have owned S-Chassis know first hand what we're talking about. While there are a million different ways to modify an S chassis sometimes the best things are left alone. Aztec Red (AG2) is a surprisingly rare color when it comes to RPS, only about 3K total of the 75K built to put it into perspective. Like all of our cars, they're not making any more of them so survivors like this are a dying breed. The paint looks fantastic on this one and boy does that red stand out in a crowd. The bodywork is in just as good a shape with only a few little door dings. The most notable is one over the passenger's side front wheel well, but luckily is minor enough that a little PDR should clean it right up. Those familiar with the S13s know that the foam rear wing can be an issue, however, that's not the case with this one.

The cockpit of this hatchback model is in good shape overall and has a couple of small changes from the factory. The original seats have been retained, and contrast their gray cloth against the bright red bodywork and interior trim nicely. The seats are well above average, as is the entire interior for that fact. The buckets are both comfortable yet supportive and both are free of the dreaded stains or seam tears that plague most older cars. As with most coupes, the back seats look hardly used since few want to actually cram back there. The door panels are in equally good shape, as are the headliner and carpeting. The only spot to note are the sun visors which both have some staining but would be an easy thing to replace if you wanted to. As we eluded to, there are a few small changes to the interior. An all-black Personal steering wheel replaces the bulky original one and looks far better as far as the curb appeal goes. A contrasting all while Razo shift knob adds a little pop and feels great in the hand. Tucked neatly into the gauge cluster is an old school mechanical Blitz boost gauge since they never came equipped with one from the factory. The radio is also aftermarket, but frankly, you'll probably look to replace it later on since it doesn't have much use here stateside and is rather dated. The only other change-up from the factory was the addition of two Cusco braces, one strut tower, and one hatch brace. These help to fortify the chassis by reducing flex in the corners. While these were never deemed luxury cars it does still have your basic amenities. Power windows, power locks, and automatic climate control make day to day life more enjoyable. Those familiar with the S13 already know just how rare it is to find one with a pristine dash. While its amusing to call that a big deal, it's becoming incredibly hard to find them in good shape this many years later.

Fitted with the only proper motor for an S chassis, the SR20DET. The aluminum two-liter has been pretty much untouched to make sure reliability isn't an issue. With only 149K verified miles the SR feels strong right off of idle. The power delivery is smooth and the car certainly scoots. There's no wonder why the larger, less impressive, KA is routinely ditched in favor of this lightweight powerhouse. Paired with the factory 5 speed bring the whole package together. The transmission is smooth and more than adequate to handle the power it's making. It shifts well with no grinds and shows no signs of clutch slippage. Fresh rubber makes sure that you can get that power actually to the ground. Thanks to a new battery and a fresh set of plugs the two-liter fires right up and is surprisingly quiet in stock trim. With the enormous amount of aftermarket support for the S13, you can easily change that out if you're looking for a deeper tone. Under the hood it's all stock, the only upgrade being a hard pipe for the intercooler as opposed to the plastic factory one. The ride quality isn't harsh like most s chassis vehicles, as the suspension is OEM and unmolested. Nissan hit a home run with this platform and consequently built it for nearly a decade. With easy to find parts and wide aftermarket support, this Nissan would be an ideal daily driver or a new project to wrench on. Featuring a potent turbo motor, manual trans, and rear-wheel drive, its next chapter in life will surely be enjoyed by one lucky enthusiast. Between the stylish good looks and rewarding drive, it's tough to match the S13's value. With clean, good running examples becoming more difficult to find every day, this 180SX is a bonafide Japanese Classic.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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