1991 Nissan R32 Coupe Type M

Available for: $23,995

Stock# 4691

The early '90s are synonymous with Nissan's heyday, and the R32 was perhaps there most iconic creation of the period. Marketed as a near-luxury sports coupe, this '91 is offered with 161k verified miles, and features rear-drive, a manual transmission, and Nissans silky RB20DET turbocharged inline-six. While these are good in stock trim they're even better once you start tapping into the aftermarket. Bodywise this one has been kept relatively stock, but never judge a book by its cover. While it does still sport its factory Type-M aero, it has been enhanced a bit with its carbon fiber canards and GTR style front lip. Those flow well with the Type-M side skirts and rear spats. The FRP hood with its aero latches and turbo inlet also hint that this isn't your stock R32. Wingless R32s always make for a unique design as it really streamlines the side profile. Pair all that up with the white 17" SSR Type-Cs and you have a very track-oriented look. Its Pearl Black Metallic (732) paint looks fantastic which is typically indicative that it was resprayed at some point in time. The body itself looks just as good as the paint which is rather impressive for a 29-year-old car. There are of course a few stone chips, clear coat scratches, and a few door dings; but nothing of real concern. There's no real reason to mess with a good thing, so the subtle changes are a welcomed upgrade.

The interior, on the other hand, is a bit more aggressive. As soon as you open the door you immediately spot the fixed back bucket seat. While these may not be your number one choice for a cross country road trip, it sure does keep you in place. The black and gray two-tone matches well with the rest of the factory interior, and surprisingly its in good shape. Normally we expect to find the bolsters worn down to the frame but this one has held up quite well. Once you slink down into the bucket you find a whole host of gauges staring back at you. Defi was turned to for most of them. Boost, fuel pressure, and oil temp are all easy to keep up with thanks to the new setup. There is also an AFR gauge however that one is not currently connected. Probably due to the A'PEXi Power FC + Commander which has more than its fair share of control over things. Between the Power FC and Greddy Profec Type-S boost controller, you have pretty much full control over the car to modify according to fuel grades and your general climate. The leather-wrapped Nardi 3 spoke fits the more race-inspired vibe and feels great in the hand. The rest of the interior is largely all stock and in great shape. The dash does have some of the typical bubbling that all R32s are plagued by, but it's far better than the average one. The standard power accessories are all up to par; one-touch driver's window, power mirrors, and locks. The automatic climate control is also functioning as expected, however, the aftermarket head unit is not currently powered. Most would prefer to listen to the RB in the first place, so we don't necessarily consider that one a downfall.

Pop the hood and you'll find anything but your stock RB20DET. Fresh off an oil and filter service, she turns over effortlessly with the twist of the key. The engine bay has been filled with aftermarket goodies that make this not only quick but also help with longevity. For instance, the Greddy front mount intercooler and aluminum radiator help to keep temps down. An HKS open filter intake makes all the best noises, aside from the ones that come from the single exit turbo-back exhaust that is. A set of Tomei Pon Cams only exacerbates that note, as they give the RB such a great lope at idle. On the actual drive side of things, the cam setup really lets the RB scream at the upper RPM's. Once you lift off the go-pedal you'll catch the familiar chirp of the Greddy Type-S blow off valve which only seems appropriate. The power band is surprisingly linear as it pulls its way up to the 7K redline. The manual rows through all the gears without a hesitation or a hitch and the clutch is surprisingly light considering all the added power. With added power, you need a suspension that can keep up so Tein coilovers sit at all four corners. Aside from the handling it cleans up some of that dreaded wheel gap and gets the Skyline down to a more acceptable height. A car like this in such awesome condition is going to make someone very happy for years to come. For those of us that don't want the added upkeep of the RB26 this GTS-t is the best of both worlds. All the right looks with the stout RB20 drive train, all running through a proper 5-speed manual; what more could you ask for? There's a reason why the Skyline has stood the test of time, now it's your turn to find out first hand why!

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website

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