1991 Nissan 180SX OEM+

Sold: $14,995

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There is nothing better than a high quality, well built, S13. These are some of the most versatile chassis on the road today. Whether you're looking for a show car, daily driver, drift missile, SCCA contender, this chassis can do it all; and well might I add. This 1991 Yellowish Silver is an excellent example of what a good daily with the power to back it's reputation should be. The exterior is what we refer to as OEM+. Where it's been kept largely all stock but has some subtle touches that look as if they were factory options. The Veilside lip gives a nice, exaggerated, look to the front bumper without looking over the top like some of the wild bodykits we see. It's height and lines mate up well with the factory side skirts. The Yellowish Silver (KG4) has a great luster to it, and shade wise matches well with the aftermarket lip. The paint in general looks great, and really has it's own distinct hue that's hard to fully capture in pictures. The body is in outstanding shape for being 28 years old. With the exception of some minor little door dings the car looks great.

The interior has been kept largely all stock, but does have some additions to support the mechanical work that's been done to the car. The cockpit is largely where everything resides. Mechanical Greddy Boost and Exhaust Temp gauges sit atop the steering column and dash cluster to keep an eye on vitals. While to the left of the driver are an Ultra Speed Meter and the more important Apexi FC Power Command. A far more streamline Momo Corse steering wheel replaces the clunky factory one. Under the dash, out of your line of sight, a HKS turbo timer was mounted. Otherwise everything has been kept in tact and original; which is becoming more rare. Often time we find cars built like this stripped out or fitted with roll bars/cages so having the full interior (and well preserved at that) is refreshing. Both driver and passenger seats are free of any tears or stains, however do have a little bit of fabric pucker. Nothing particularly concerning, but it was about the only issue we could see with them. The carpeting and door cards reflect the same way, and as usual the back seats look hardly ever used. The most common issue with every S13 is the dash, and we're pleased to report that this one is crack free with no real signs of sun damage. This one is a HUD car, however it has only been working intermittently for us. All of the powered accessories are functioning like normal; the power windows, folding and even heated mirrors (however we haven't had a chance to check that,) door locks, and even the climate control. While not the digital system it does still have automatic settings and is blowing cold air.

Under the hood is the tried and true SR20DET. This one has received a plethora of high quality parts to really utilize the two liters potential. The biggest change up coming compliments of a HKS turbo kit that consist of a GT28 turbo with a full turbo back HKS exhaust. The exhaust is running a test pipe in place of the cat but still retains a resonator and muffler to prevent it from rupturing ear drums. To feed gobs of air to the GT28 are an Apexi intake mounted on a Z32 MAF paired up to an Apexi frount mount intercooler. With added air and boost we need more fuel, which is handled by a set of Nismo 550cc injectors. To help regulate engine temps an Earl's oil cooler and filter relocation have been worked in behind the front bumper. Earl's braided lines replace everything on the cooling system along with hard pipes to reduce and chances of leaks. With 114K verified miles you can tell that this car was truly cherished by it's previous owner, hence only using top shelf parts. Since with great power comes great responsibility the suspension and brakes have been overhauled as well. Project Mu takes care of slowing down the 180 with upgraded pads and slotted rotors. The suspension has been fitted with, what appears to be rather new, HKS Hypermax 3 coilovers which ride fantastically. With everything that's been done factory wheels weren't going to cut it. 17" Rays Volk Racing CV Pros give a much more aggressive look while being a period correct wheel. Since touching down we've gone over the car and refreshed some of the routine components. A new intake, exhaust, and turbo manifold gasket were installed to make sure we were leak free. 4 new tires and fresh plugs were added to ensure everything was safe and running strong. And naturally a routine oil change was performed to make sure it was turn key for it's new US adventure. Now we've got the S13 running in tip top shape, the SR fires right up and pulls hard to redline. The transmissions is smooth and engages with ease. This really is one of the cleanest S chassis we've had come through here with all of the right parts to ensure that it stays that way. The new owner of this beauty is really going to be pleased with this turn key Japanese Classic.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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