1991 Honda Beat

Sold: $9,495

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The Honda Beat is a mid-engined rear wheel drive roadster that began production in 1991. The concept originated from famed designer Pininfarina. This specific example is in great condition and clean overall. The paint is in excellent shape and still shines nicely. The body follows suit with no major dents or dings and straight panels. The vehicle has been kept 100% stock and currently has 47k original miles.

The interior has been well maintained and remains stock as well. The driver side seat does have a small tear but otherwise there is minimal wear. The dash and door panels are in nice shape with no cracks or bubbles. The retractable top is functioning correctly, but the plastic window has some fogging, which is common for original tops.

A 656cc E07A I3 engine provides power to the rear wheels via a 5 speed manual transmission. This specific vehicle starts right away and idles smoothly. It’s small size easily puts it into the Kei class of vehicles and it tips the scales at just 1,675 lbs. All systems on this Beat are functioning and it’s ready for the road.

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