1991 Honda Beat Kei

Sold: $7,495

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The Honda Beat is a mid-engined rear wheel drive roadster that began production in 1991, this specific example is in good condition overall. The body is straight with no major dents or dings and stock in appearance. The vehicle has been repainted and was originally yellow. The paint is in good shape and still shines nicely. The convertible top has no rips or tears and the rear window plastic is clear.

The driver side seat has a small rip and normal wear, but otherwise the interior is clean. The dash has no cracks or bubbling. Both door panels and carpet have no major staining and overall the interior has been well taken care of. The original GATHERS audio system and all trim pieces are present.

A 656cc E07A I3 engine provides power to the rear wheels via a 5 speed manual transmission. Although the E07A was found in a variety of vehicles, the Beat received an upgraded engine complete with independent throttle bodies. Like the rest of the vehicle, no modifications have been made. Currently it has just 51k original miles.

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