1990 Nissan Skyline R32

Sold: $20,495

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Stock Number: 4730

Our most popular offering, the R32 coupe, is becoming a rare commodity these days. With its legendary styling, durable drive train, and rewarding drive, there's no question as to why these are such true Japanese classics. The R32 has, and will always be a favorite among enthusiasts. Our latest 1990 GTS-t Type-M is a spectacular example of just why these cars have remained so popular to this day, especially with only 111K verified miles. While aesthetically it's been kept relatively stock it does have quite a few little nods to its big brother the GTR. For instance, those with a keen eye will spot the trimmed hood that allows for the GTR style grille to blend in with the stock Type-M aero. The new grille really adds a subtle touch to the front end that really sharpens up the lines. You also may notice the small mesh insert on the passenger side to ensure that plenty of fresh air is fed to the side mount intercooler while still matching the factory plastic one on the driver's side. While the stock wheels are similar to the GTR, actual GTR wheels are both wider and a bit more convex that way you can get a bit more meat under the car. Wrapped in a fresh set of rubber you know you've got plenty of grip for when you're tearing up backroads on the weekend. The paint and body on this one are both fantastic. It appears the car was resprayed at some point in its original Light Gray Metallic (TG0) chances are when the hood was modified since it all blends nicely. The bodywork is great though we always expect to find a little door ding or two when you're dealing with a 30-year-old vehicle. The end result of everything is a timeless look that turns heads everywhere it goes.

The interior is quite nice and in above average condition for an R32. The dash, for instance, has a very minimal bubble that plagues most all of these and is free of cracks from sun damage over the years. The interior is mostly all stock, though not originally what it came with. Once again, the GTR was tapped for a full interior swap which is a fantastic decision. It keeps everything looking OEM unlike racing seats and aftermarket steering wheels. The interior swap consists of all four seats and both door cards. Both front seats are in good condition, however not perfect. The driver's side does have some bolster wear which is a rather common issue with these. As for the passenger's seat, the base has some discoloration and some small holes in the seat base from general wear. Despite those issues, they look far better than the stock seats do, and at the end of the day, it's all about the function. With their more aggressive bolstering, they do a great job of keeping you in place. The replacement door cards are in good shape with no real peeling or delamination which is a bit common for Nissan. The stock steering wheel is rather sleek looking and has actually been wrapped in a new layer of leather. We've all mocked universal slip-on steering wheel covers in the past, but this one, on the other hand, has actually been sewn on which keeps with the OEM look. The end result makes for a really comfortable grip, and surprisingly, the same can be said about the shift knob. The only other real notable addition is the stealthy Blitz mechanical boost gauge tucked in behind the steering wheel. While there is a Fet turbo timer atop the steering column it's not actually powered, but it is vintage and looks cool at the very least. The head unit is also more for show than anything else currently as it too is not powered. It's digital climate control is currently inoperable, however, we are replacing it with a working unit so that may return some function to the radio in the process. The other accessories are up to par though. One-touch power driver's window, power-folding mirrors, and power locks were all standard and still kicking.

The driveline Nissan utilized made sense as it was a good combination of reliability, power, and efficiency. Nissan wasn't reinventing the wheel when it came to the R32's drivetrain, instead, relying on a tried and true formula to build this classic sports car. Beginning with a silky, turbocharged six-cylinder under the bonnet, the RB20DET sends power rearward through a proper five-speed manual. The two-liter is quick to fire thanks to a new battery and a fresh set of plugs. The idle is nice and smooth, and acceleration is strong under boost. These pull fantastically from around the 3,200 range when the boost comes on to the 7K redline. A few goodies help that out; under the hood is an M's open intake which makes all the right noises. After all, if you can't hear the turbo in the cabin then does the car really have one? On the back end of things is a catback exhaust to let the RB sing its siren's song. In stock trim, the 2 liter is particularly quiet which really doesn't do a car like this any justice. The exhaust offers a great tone without being overbearing on the highway. The 5-speed manual transmission shifts well and has no issues with sending the power outback through the factory LSD. The stock clutch on these are pretty light and forgiving for those new to the RHD world. The suspension has had a few small tweaks. Buzz Spec struts upfront while GAB Sport adjustable dampers are in the rear, while all four sport slight lowering springs. While it's not as aggressive of a setup as coilovers would be it does help clean up the ride while dropping it down slightly giving it a better look. Cusco strut tower braces front and rear add some additional bracing as well. A true Japanese Classic for many reasons, the Skyline is prized as a collector car that you can daily drive. These RB powered R32s are a wonderful platform to own. Whether looking for your next project build or a daily driver you really can't go wrong with the R32. Between its iconic styling, power potential, and overall exceptional drive, this car really can do it all!

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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