1989 Nissan Silvia S13

Sold: $16,995

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Stock Number: 4786

The clean styling, rewarding drive, and top tier engineering are all synonymous with the S13. Any chassis that is produced for nearly a decade must be good, and today's market values reflect that. Just finding a clapped out shell here stateside is going to run you at least 5K before you even get started. With the rising popularity of the S13, it's nearly impossible these days to find one that's been left untouched or in this clean condition. The factory body lines need no help despite the hundreds of different aero options available on the market today. While the timeless design is loved by all, it's the color that makes this car so special. Factory two-tones are hard to come by, this one is the 6G0: Platinum Ice Metallic (KG1) over Dark Grey Metallic (463.) The color combo stands out while being rather understated at the same time which is a great claim. Classic cars deserve classic wheels which is why longtime legend Watanabe was tapped for a set of their classic 16's wheels. Wats are a killer choice in any situation, and with one glance at that side profile, you'll agree. The body itself looks fantastic for being 31 years old which is a feat in itself. Now there's always going to be an errant door ding or two, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Just like the body, the interior has been kept pretty much all stock as well. A classic Nardi 3 spoke wheel replaces the clunky stock one and that's about the only changeup. Mounted atop the dash you have an old school A'PEXi mechanical boost gauge since these didn't have one, to begin with. The seats are super comfortable, trimmed in a soft gray cloth. The factory buckets have held up very well with only some slight bolster wear to the driver seat which can be noted in the photos (but even that is really nitpicking.) The rear seats, on the other hand, appear to have hardly had any use. All around the interior has been kept free of any notable stains. Both the seats and carpets are free of any unsightly rips or tears. Like all S chassis the dash does have its typical cracks, however, a Chevron dash mat was fitted to help prevent further damage and clean up the look in general. While the interiors weren't known for being lavish they do have all of the modern equipment one would want in a daily. Power windows, mirrors, door locks, and automatic digital climate control make your daily commute a bit more enjoyable. The newer head unit works as best as it can stateside, though you'll probably want to swap it out at some point for something more current down the line. The automatic climate control is functioning as expected, though this time of year is hard to properly test the A/C.

As the saying goes, the S chassis is the best chassis! If anything, this vehicle is a prime example that you don't need outrageous horsepower to have fun. The CA18DET may not have been the most powerful motor offered over the course of the Silvia but it's no slouch. The turbo 1.8L was listed at 166hp/168tq which was right impressive for the late '80s. Especially when you look at fox body mustang from the same era with a 4.9L V8 was only making 225hp. The CA is quick to fire with a simple twist of the key since it has a mere 78K verified miles. Settling into a constant idle, the 1.8 is relatively smooth for a four-cylinder, and it revs freely. The deeper exhaust note is subtle, but a nice upgrade thanks to the A'PEXi Super Megaphone catback. On the intake side, a matching A'PEXi open filter intake lets you know this isn't your typical US 240. While it doesn't do a ton by way of power it certainly makes all the right noises that you want out of a turbo car. Acceleration is brisk, and the turbocharger adds plenty of midrange torque. Power to weight is the name of the game when it comes to the S13; driving a slow car fast is far more enjoyable than driving a fast car slow. The manual transmission, a close-ratio five-speed, shifts without any hitch or grinding sounds and is geared well for US roads. The clutch is light and has no issues with sending power to the back wheels as any proper sports car should. The Coilover suspension cuts down on body roll without having to sacrifice ground clearance for day to day use. Not to mention the coilovers also help to get the ride height dialed in on the Watts giving it a great stance. The power steering is smooth, yet communicative, and lets you know when you're approaching the limits of handling. The brake pedal feel is solid, and due to the s13s low curb weight, the coupe quickly comes down from highway speeds. As with all of our vehicles we've gone over this one mechanically to ensure that its good for years to come. A fresh set of serpentine belts, new tension arms, and an oil/filter change has this one ready to roll. Clean, unmolested Silvias are getting impossible to find in Japan. The premium driving dynamics, durable drivetrain, and huge aftermarket make this Silvia a great candidate to modify or even just daily drive. With light miles and the right transmission, it's hard to deny this K's bang for the buck!

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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