1987 Datsun Sunny Truck long Bed

Sold: $15,495

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Stock Number: 4677

The Datsun Sunny Truck was a simple, durable, and useful light-duty pickup, designed for the Japanese Market. Through its near quarter-century of production, it remaining largely unchanged throughout its production. These utilitarian mini trucks were built as city-friendly workhorses designed to tackle anything thrown it's way. The simplistic styling is timeless and grows better with each passing year. While stock is good, custom is freedom, and this first-generation example doesn't disappoint. Introduced in 1971 the B120 was based on the B110 passenger car chassis. The B120 used the same wheelbase and running gear of the Datsun 1200 sedans of the same time making stock parts rather easy to source. Right out of the gate you'll immediately note that this car is not what originally came from the Datsun factory as its finished in a one-off Tangerine Pearl. It was originally Nissan's Clear Blue (688) but has since undergone a full swap, including the jambs, to a much more lively color. The paint looks fantastic and really doesn't have any blemishes to note. Naturally, nothing is ever as good as a factory paint job (if there is such a thing) so we wouldn't consider it a show car paint job, but its well above the $199 Maco respray. The bed has been lined for an extra level of protection if you want to actually use it the way Nissan had intended. Not to mention the black bed plays really well off the 13" silver and black Hayashi streets which are one of the most classic JDM wheels out there. The body is particularly clean on this one considering these were generally treated as work trucks. With any 33 year old vehicle there are still a few little door dings and blemishes like that, but nothing particularly noteworthy. Most all of the brightwork shows great like the correct fender mirrors and trim, however, the front bumper does show it's age a bit with the chrome fading some along the top edge.

The interior has been kept largely all stock and very to the point. These were designed to be more on the utilitarian side, now a luxury sedan. It appears that the stock seats were ditched in favor of a more comfortable set of S13 cloth buckets. Normally they would be a lower back vinal which is prone to cracks and tears over the years. The new seats are considerably more supportive and are in great shape. There is a small bit of bolster wear on the driver's side but otherwise is free of any stains or tears. The wood grain wheel is a nice touch and helps to buy a little extra space when you go to climb into the Datsun. The cabin of these are definitely small, but at 6'2" it's worth noting that you can fit and even have some headroom to spare. Unlike the typical tall shifter, it feels as if this one has been replaced with a short throw to clean up the gear changes a bit. While amenities were sparse with these it does have the A/C system which is great for some of these remaining warm days. Don't expect it to turn the cabin into an icebox, but it certainly gets the job done. The aftermarket radio does work and there are speakers tucked neatly behind the seats to keep them from looking out of place. You'll still probably want to upgrade the radio to something a bit more US-friendly but it gets the job done and looks era-correct which is nice. This one also features the optional clock which seems to be a rarity these days in vehicles.

Powered by the thundering 1.2 liter A12S 4 cylinder the Sunny churns out a blistering 70hp, making it both fuel-efficient and surprisingly quiet. The capable 1200cc will get you up to highway speeds and handles better than you would anticipate with such a simple suspension design. The suspension has been slightly modified in order to level out the body. 2" blocks were used outback and the front has a set of lowering springs to get the ride height dialed in on those 13" Hayashi's. Due to the lowered height, it does make the ride a bit more stiff by nature but nothing that would prevent you from wanting to run around town in it. It rides well over highway imperfections and the steering is pretty spot-on as most have a tendency to have some play in the steering wheel. The brakes on the Sunny are more than capable considering how light these little trucks are and offer ample pedal feel. The 4-speed shifts with ease and the little 1.2 liter is rather rev happy. Kicking around town in it is a blast, and with its current modifications, it turns heads everywhere it goes. Thanks to its simplistic design means these are easy to modify as well which has made this chassis extremely popular for builds. This one came in with a mere 25K verified miles which is particularly impressive. We have gone through it in the shop to make sure that its a turn key toy for its new owners. Fresh rubber wraps the Hayashi's along with a new air filter and a fresh oil and filter change. With the iconic styling and more than capable drivetrain, these are the perfect all around trucks. Whether you need something fun to "take the trash out" or looking for your next build, this little Sunny can do it all!

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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