1982 Honda NCZ 50 Motocompo

Sold: $3,995

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The Honda Motocompo aka "trunk bike" was introduced in 1981 with the purpose of being able to be folded up and carried inside the trunks of subcompact vehicles. It was offered as a factory option for vehicles such as the Honda City I and Honda Today. The luggage space was actually designed around having the Motocompo in the hatch. The folding handle bars and seat design allowed for storage with a minimal footprint until you reached your destination, where it could then be used for getting around in the busy city.

A 49cc two-stroke engine powers this 99lb scooter allowing for top speeds around 30 mph and a fuel range of approximately 80 miles. It’s perfect for putting around town or to bust out at the next car show when you don't feel like hiking from one end of the track to the other. Although conveniently packaged and fun to ride, this thing makes a splash whenever you bust it out. Since less than 54,000 were produced over a three year span they've also becoming quite popular with collectors

This 1982 Motocompo starts on the first kick and runs very well. All of the safety equipment works as it should; consisting of a horn, turn signals, headlight, and tail lamp. We just went through and did a basic tune up and replaced the battery as well as the tubes and tires. The plastics are original and overall are good shape with no major cracks. A few blemishes are present but is to be expected with 36 year old original paint. With it's small, fun loving nature, people will undoubtedly stop and ask you where they can get one.

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