1996 HiAce SuperCustom 3.0TD

Available for: $13,995

Stock #5144

The HiAce is easy to love. It's refined, well built, and fun to drive (for a van). Besides the unique looks, this 1996 is highly practical and efficient. Offered with a mere 95k verified and documented miles, this eight-seat hauler is fresh off a recent service and features one of Toyota's most reliable and powerful turbo-diesel powerplants. Finished in a period-correct Gray Tri-Coat Metallic (21T), the body is in good shape aside from some minor scuffs, dings, and chips associated with normal use and set off by a set of OEM rain guards. Well equipped and legally imported this fantastic van will surely fit the bill for someone who values a unique and comfortable transporter, known for its low cost of ownership and comfortable ride. As a daily driver, kid hauler, or marketing vehicle, this collectible SuperCustom is a certified Japanese Classic you won't want to miss!

The cabin is spacious, well-appointed, and packed with quality materials and technology. This eight-seater is optioned with the massive three sunroof setup that is highly desirable. There are three glass panels, and although the middle one has been disabled, they open up the cabin with plenty of natural light. Imagine falling asleep under the stars, rear seat fully laid back, all within the friendly confines of the HiAce. It also has some neat flexible seating options that allow the second row to swivel 180 degrees and face the rear. The seats themselves are in above-average condition. They lack any major rips stains and tears while feeling soft to the touch. The gray textured cloth breaks up the interior and exudes the 90's appeal of this hauler. The view of the road ahead is commanding and clear thanks to the cabover design. The dash lacks any cracks or imperfections and includes functional OEM audio, and a dual-zone climate control system. Admittedly the a/c doesn't blow super cold but does assist to cool the cabin. The power windows and front and rear tilting sunroofs aid in ventilation to that point. The power windows and locks make daily use more convenient and the driver receives an adjustable steering column for ultimate comfort. For city use, the electrically adjustable side view mirrors power fold and the sliding door has a neat soft close feature. If left ajar it pulls itself closed to save the 12v battery from going flat thanks to the cabin lights remaining on. The headliner and door cards look well cared for, too, and don't show any major wear. That is not to say the cabin is perfect as there is an odor from prior smoking which is common in Japan and there is some wear on some of the interior plastics as well. Still, at a quarter-century old it's clear this HiAce was cared for in a prior life and has held up well overall.

Surprisingly, this van can really get up and go. The 2WD versions are particularly quick to respond to a jab of the throttle and the trusty van makes some prodigious low-end torque. The slick-shifting auto gearbox is a wonderful unit and translates the power of the 1KZ-TE to the rear wheels without hesitation. The 3.0L is fresh off an oil and filter service and starts up promptly thanks to a new 12v battery. It should last for a few more years and provide the HiAce with all the cold-cranking amps to fire up even in the dead of winter. For a massive four-banger, she idles confidently and breaths better thanks to a new engine air filter. The serpentine belts were also replaced by our shop to ensure you keep all those power accessories stay running flawlessly. The ride quality is far better than our American vans of this era, and the turning radius is tidy in the city. Large and small bumps are sorted out by the factory suspension and there are very few squeaks and rattles to note. The wheels have all been wrapped in new all-season Falken tires. They quiet down the ride nicely and add will deliver tens of thousands of miles of premium year-round grip. A fresh alignment will preserve them too and keeps this SuperCustom on track!
For a useful, reliable, and unique runabout this 1996 would be the perfect Japanese Classic van!

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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