1996 Hilux Surf SSR-G

Sold: $18,995

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Stock #5302

The 3rd Generation Toyota Hilux (KZN185) is one of the most popular SUVs we carry here at Japanese Classics. The endless testimonies of Toyota's reliability, the iconic exterior design, and well-rounded capability are just a few reasons why the 3rd Gen Hilux Surf remains popular even in today's market. This one-owner 1996 Toyota Hilux Surf is finished in an eye-catching Stellar Blue/Grey two-tone (8L7) and the exterior is in great condition lacking any major imperfections. Aside from the OEM rainguards, OEM sunroof visor, and Bosch fog lights, this Surf has remained unmodified throughout its tenure in Japan. Sporting the model's highest trim level, the SSR-G has a shockingly low 63k verified and documented miles The previous owner has kept the interior tidy and well taken care of, and it shows that its got plenty of power equipment to brag about. Legally imported and recently serviced, this special rig would make for a fabulous daily commuter, overlander, or adventure rig to take you wherever you want to go!

Inside the cabin, you'll find a spacious and thoughtfully designed interior. This SSR-G comes equipped with heaps of amenities to ensure the passengers are comfortable when commuting. The electric windows are all operable and the driver benefits from a one-touch window roll down. The electric locks work properly as advertised, as do the power-adjustable mirrors and the power folding feature is fully functional. City parking and parking deck spots can be tight, and the folding capability of the mirrors will save them from being bumped into. To further add to the cool factor this Hilux is optioned with the unique rear power-retractable mirror that extends down from the spoiler and assists with backing up safely (think of it as an analog rearview camera). Above, you will see that the headliner is intact with no sagging, and some fresh air and sunlight from the functional electric sunroof make the cabin feel just a tad bigger. The seats are outfitted in a soft gray cloth and lack any rips and tears. The door cards show no signs of major wear and are in tip-top shape for their age. The OEM Hilux floor mats are included with a fun colorful striped design that screams the 90s. The carpets are clean from any major stains and have held up well over the years. The dash lacks any cracking or bubbling and you benefit from the dual SRS airbags that are standard on this model year for added safety. The OEM radio works great for all of your tunes, and the automatic climate control blows cold A/C and scorching heat just in time for the seasonal climate changes. The wood grain center console trim breaks up the colors nicely and adds a simple, yet elegant, touch to the interior. Making the Hilux even more offroad capable, Toyota fitted a field monitoring system in front of the sunroof and displays a compass and outside temperatures to ensure you are prepared if your cell phone signal is lost. Whether you prefer the road less traveled or a comfortable daily commuter, this Hilux Surf can do it all.

The 5VZ-FE V6 engine was offered here stateside and is found under the bonnet of this Hilux. This makes maintenance a breeze as parts are readily available at your local auto parts store. Whether you prefer the assistance of the dealership or don't mind turning some wrenches, it's easy to maintain and find parts for stateside. A simple turn of the key and the V6 comes to life with the assistance of a new 12v battery. She purrs like a kitten and idles smoothly. With plenty of pricey preventative maintenance performed here at the dealership, you'll save a bundle not having to get this done after the sale. Our trained technicians have installed a new timing belt, new water pump, and a new thermostat, which is one of the most expensive preventative maintenance item on this platform. The engine air filter was swapped out for a new one to ensure this V6 breathes easy and performs as Toyota intended. The suspension comes equipped with the TEMS technology allowing you to adjust the ride dampening for comfort depending on the terrain you are on. The suspension is forgiving over bumps and potholes, soaking them up without an issue. The brakes are confident to slow this rig down to a stop when you need it, and the acceleration is prompt quickly achieving highway speeds. The Hilux Surf comes with a selectable 4wd system to help you save some MPGs when you are not pulling your friend's Jeep out of the mud. A center locking differential comes equipped on this Hilux Surf and is a huge selling point since they did not offer this on the US 4runners. With 5 brand new tires installed you'll have all the grip you need for tens of thousands of miles to come!

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB compliant first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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