1995 Toyota Land Cruiser VX 80

Sold: $24,995

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Stock Number: 4819

The Land Cruiser is a household name for four-wheel-drive enthusiasts, largely due to its thundering track record spanning seven decades. This 80 series generation was sold widely in the states, and there is a wealth of parts and service options due to this. However, unlike all the stateside variants this one comes fitted with the right motor for the job, the 1HD-FT 4.2L. Unlike the earlier models, this '95 is the first to utilize the 4 valve diesel an intake glow screen heater in place of your traditional glow plugs. The new outcome makes a little more power and torque along with slightly better fuel economy. Aesthetically the '95s are pretty much the same as the earlier models that we all know and love. Its massive polished brush guard and Bosch fog lights make for an imposing view in someone's rearview mirror. The color combo on this one is a unique one with a Dark Emerald Pearl (6M1) top and Moonglow Pearl (1A6) lower which equates to the official code of 2AC. The two-tone effect looks killer and is in great shape for its age. There are always going to be a few small stone chips and things of that nature, but nothing out of the ordinary or concerning like clear coat peel. The same can be said about the bodywork as there really isn't much to make note of aside from a few typical little door dings. Adorned with the massive rain guards they help cut down on the wind buffeting and also let you get some fresh air when the weather doesn't want to cooperate.

The interior of the '95 is slightly revised from the previous models but has the same familiar feel. The cabin of the 80 is sizable and well-appointed with tons of room for people and cargo. Toyota has always been known for its quality and the interior really reflects that. The VX Limited trucks came with tons of power equipment like the sunroof, windows, locks, mirrors, and even an automatic dual-zone climate control system. Aside from the plethora of electronic goodies, the materials they chose have proven to hold up much better than the competition. The dash is in good shape and devoid of any major imperfections such as cracks or discoloration from sun damage. And at the top of the windshield, a compass and altimeter add to the off-road prowess. The two-tone Alcantara seats have all been well maintained over the years, specifically the driver and passenger. Normally we expect to see some bolster wear to the side and bottom from climbing up into the truck, but this one is largely free of anything concerning. The split-folding back seats open up tons of cargo room options for those weekends away which is half the benefit of an SUV this size. The carpeting and door cards are just as clean which directly reflects just how well this one was maintained over the years. The new dash layout is a bit more user-friendly and sleek than the outgoing model while still keeping everything right at hand. A single pop-out cupholder for instance is a welcomed improvement since the Japanese we're big on eating and drinking on the go. Even the factory radio got a slight upgrade, though you'll still probably want to swap it out for something more US-friendly down the road.

Toyota's rigorous engineering and testing processes were in full force in the early '90s. The results from decades of refinements are clear in this model, and many examples have crested over half a million miles with this motor. The 1HD-FT is another welcomed upgrade. While similar to the outgoing 1HD-T the revised one sports a few small upgrades to improve performance. Those in the Land Cruiser world know how superior the diesel setups are in comparison to the 1FZ-FE that we got stateside. With a mere 67K verified miles this one is only just getting broken in, especially for a diesel. The torque these put out is the real benefit, even though you should see a little better fuel mileage as well. Once you drive the diesel 80 you'll never go back to the US version. Luckily since the underpinnings are largely the same as the stateside version parts are easy to come by as well. Thanks to a new battery, starter relay, and alternator the diesel is quick to fire up, even with it being 30 something degrees here in VA. The automatic transmission shifts well albeit, with little urgency, it's not a race car after all. The rugged 4x4 system is eager to perform, making this hauler just as capable of making a run to Costco in the snow as it is fording a river. This one is a K295 truck which means it's fitted with the front and rear LSD to aid the four-wheel-drive system. 5 New All Terrains ensure that you won't have any issues regardless of the terrain you find yourself on. The brakes are plenty capable of hauling this big guy down from highway speeds. They're surprisingly light on their feet for being 5,000+ pounds thanks to the power-assisted steering. The Land Cruiser has been a staple in the SUV world since 1951 with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Taking the best of all worlds; off-road capabilities and adding in all the luxuries you'd want on in your new daily it doesn't get much better than this.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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