1995 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ

Sold: $18,995

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Stock Number: 4970

Driving a big, imposing, Right Hand Drive, 80 Series Land Cruiser makes you feel like a big kid. While the Tonka-trunk look may be a big draw, there is a practical side to ownership that makes for a compelling case when considering these big 'utes. As this generation Cruiser was produced here in the USA, parts, and service solutions are readily available. Many stateside versions have been ridden hard and put away wet, and are typically sold with double the miles of our Japanese examples. Originally it left the factory in the two-tone Dark Emerald Pearl (6M1) over Moonglow Pearl (1A6) it has since been refinished in classic Charcoal Gray Metallic. The paint choice was fantastic as it really compliments the big, boxy, body. They did a great job on the color swap, even the door jambs were color-matched so unless you're looking at the VIN tag itself you'd never know. Barring a few typical little stone chips and clear coat scratches there's really not much to complain about. The body itself is in great shape other than the typical little dings that anything this size is bound to accrue over the years. Sporting all the right off-road aesthetic like the 3" suspension lift and 35" General Grabber all terrains wrapped around a set of classic Mickey Thompsons. The clear Euro style LED tail lights are a nice touch, as is the fact the rear tire carrier was shaved giving it a cleaner look. The exterior styling alludes to this vehicle's overland capabilities, in stark comparison to the upscale, generously appointed cabin.

Utilizing the OEM running boards makes it easier to hoist yourself up into the luxurious cabin. The dash design for the '95s was all new and looks a bit more sleek and ergonomic than the previous models. A wood grain steering wheel with an airbag and matching shifter add some flair to the cockpit. Expensive Clazzio leather fitter seat cover protects both rows and modernizes the look of the interior. Most people don't even realize that these are seat covers since they fit so well. The seating underneath feels fantastic which leads us to believe that the seats are still in good shape should you choose to remove them for some reason. Power amenities such as locks, mirrors, and windows were all standard in the model. The driver has full command of the road with a large windscreen, tall ride height, and skinny pillars. When you see something this big roll up in your rearview people have a tendency to hop out of your way. An offroad gauge suite is mounted by the sunroof controls, just to reaffirm that these were built to take you off the beaten path without an issue. The dash is in good shape and is devoid of any cracks, discoloration, or distortion which can be an issue with these. The door cards and headliner are in good shape, the same can be said about the carpeting as well. A digital automatic climate system allows for this Land Cruiser to keep all passengers to be comfortable regardless of the weather outside. Since this one originally was optioned out with the 3rd row it has a dual-zone climate control with separate switches to control both heat and air. Also being a VX limited with the 3rd row you get sliding back glass which you won't find on the two-row Cruisers. Unlike most JDM vehicles this one has been upgraded with a new Pioneer headunit from the US so it actually functions so that's one less thing to deal with down the road. The only real thing to mention is that one of the plastic trim pieces for the rear tailgate is missing. It doesn't have any impact on its function, but if were to annoy you enough you should be able to source one out of a US LC and pop it on. Another nice little upgrade is the cupholders on the center console. While it may not sound like much, cupholders weren't really a thing in Japan like they are here and you never realize how much you miss having them until you live with it on a daily basis.

The rugged 4WD underpinnings on this SUV are legendary. Utilizing a silky smooth 4.5L inline-six gasoline motor with front and rear LSDs, the 80 is ready to tackle whatever you can throw at it. These engines are known for being bulletproof with routine maintenance, and with only 142K verified miles, this baby is just getting broken in. With the twist of a key, the 1FE fires up and sets into an easy idle. All that torque is sent through an automatic transmission, and the gearing is well suited for US roadways unlike many of the smaller JDM vehicles. The transmission shifts like butter, and goes through the gears without a clunk or hesitation. The 3" OEM lift suits the overall look of the car, and it feels surprisingly stable when cornering considering its size. This is still a lifted SUV, so don't go expecting Skyline handling. Power-assisted steering is easy to articulate and rather light for being nearly 5K pounds, and the brakes do a wonderful job of slowing down this big boy. A ton of maintenance has been done which we can provide to the new owner instead of listing it all out here. Things like a new battery, new ignition system, long tube headers, upgraded headlights, and new door seals/window trim to name a few. As a practical, unique, and fully capable SUV the 80 series really is tough to beat. Up to date on all its maintenance, and chocked full of amenities, this Cruiser is a Japanese Classic through and through!

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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