1995 R33 Nissan Skyline GTR

Stock Number: 4699

The evolution of the R32 was inevitable and took all the best aspects and improved on them making an absolutely magnificent driving machine, the R33. While the looks can be a bit controversial, it's hard to deny that it's the most underrated of the GTR family. The styling is primarily attributed to the new computer-aided aerodynamics which was a first for the Skyline. The R32 was criticized for having some uplift and handling issues at high speed which the 33 sought to correct. A longer wheelbase paired with a slightly widened track helped to cut down on these issues. With its more rigid chassis, revised ATTESSA, and HICAS system this car was an absolute monster on the track, and that was just in stock form. Our most recent '95 example you see here on the other hand is anything but stock. This is a one-owner car, and boy did he spare no expense on it. From the exterior, the car looks relatively understated, not like something that begs for attention with its massive wing or wild paint color. For instance, the trademark GTR wing was ditched in favor of a more sleek low rise drag-style wing. They opted for a factory Nismo front bumper which has those trademark N1 cutouts that everyone wants. 18" TE37 style wheels wrapped in fresh rubber look good on anything, so we really can't complain about that decision. Tein coilovers get the ride height down to a more acceptable stance while also cutting down on body roll. The paint is in great shape with only a few typical little stone chips and clear coat scratches that any 25-year-old vehicle is bound to amass. The same can be said about the body; barring a typical door ding or two there's not much to report. The GTR is one of those cars that really doesn't need much help; if it ain't broke don't fix it, right? A few tasteful upgrades are all it takes to take this car over the top.

The interior of the R33 is leaps and bounds above the outgoing R32. For instance, the plastics used throughout the interior hold up much better, and thanks to the design get rid of the typical bubble associated with the 32. Overall the interior has been kept mostly all stock (though not exactly from this car) minus the addition of a leather Momo wheel and aftermarket head unit. While all OEM GTR, the seats were pulled from a late model R33 hence the high contrasting red stitching and inserts. Typically we refer to modifications like that as OEM+ since they look more like a factory option. The new head unit offers some limited US functionality most people will still replace it in favor of something more current and US friendly. Above that head unit is the trademark gauge cluster suite to monitor boost, oil temp, and torque vectoring. That's also where you find the automatic digital climate control system which is a nice touch. Those with a keen eye will notice there's a red button off to the right which doesn't look quite original. Reason being, this one has been converted to have a push-button start which just feels so appropriately race car. Behind that sleek Momo wheel is an upgraded Nismo 300 KM/h cluster. While that cluster reads 40K miles and the owner claimed the Nismo cluster was added when purchased new, we do not have records of this and so it is being sold as true mileage unknown. Being a well maintained and modified one owner vehicle its not a big concern, however, we did want to make a note as to why. Neatly tucked behind the passenger footwell carpeting is a Greddy tuned factory ECU which starts to hint at what lies under the hood. Overall the interior has been exceptionally well maintained. Those newer seats look great, free of any errant stains or bolster wear which we would typically anticipate finding. The door panels, carpeting, and headliner are all in the same shape, though that comes as little surprise. Of course, since these were still streetcars you do still have all of the basic power amenities like power windows, mirrors, and locks.

Under the hood is what makes this car just so special, Nissan's legendary RB26DETT. Not only is it a monster from the get, but this one looks like you went on a shopping spree at the Greddy warehouse. While there are plenty of aftermarket options available on the market, making sure to choose reputable parts has a massive impact on performance and longevity. For starters, the original twins were replaced with a more aggressive set of Greddy TD-06L2 20G turbos. Not only do they increase power but they add a little extra bling to the engine bay. While that part doesn't mean much for performance, but we do all love that wow factor when you pop the hood. For proper performance out of the turbos, a full custom intake piping system was fabbed in order to retain the dual MAFs so you don't have to run a full standalone engine management system. A Greddy exhaust manifold and downpipe also had to be added to support the bigger twins and make sure they can breathe. That downpipe leads out to a high flowing exhaust, while the cat was removed it does still have a muffler and resonator to ensure that the car doesn't drone terribly at highway speeds. Tucked neatly up against the front sway bar is a massive Greddy Wastegate which is rather pronounced. Obviously, with bigger turbos, you need to make sure they're never short of cool air. To help with this the entire intake system has been revamped, aside from the intake runners it also sports a new Greddy intake manifold, surge tank, and giant Trust front mount intercooler. Neatly tucked in behind the Trust FMIC is a Trust oil cooler as well for good measure. The seller claims to have built the motor with upgraded pistons, connecting rods, cams, etc. however, without documentation we can only take that for face value. Based on just how quick this car is it wouldn't come as a shock, but without actually tearing down the block we can't know for sure. We can see the larger Greddy fuel rail with its fuel pressure regulator tucked neatly against the driver side strut tower which does help to back up the claim. To make sure the AWD system can properly handle the bump in power a Nismo twin-plate clutch was fitted. Those unfamiliar with this style of clutch should be warned that it is a good deal more aggressive than stock. The engagement is rather quick and the pedal is notably stiffer so it's not your number one choice for sitting in traffic. Shifts through the 5-speed are crisp and rewarding as the gearbox is a bit tighter than what you get in your regular R33. While speed is good, you need to be able to reel it back in so factory-equipped Brembo brakes with ABS which was a first for the GTR. While here we have gone ahead and brought all the service up to date. This one came in only needing routine work which is always a good sign of how well something was cared for prior to leaving Japan. A new battery and fuel pump help with startup, as do the replacement MAF plugs. We also replaced the inner and outer front axle boots since the original ones were worn. The pinnacle of legal JDM performance, there are very few cars that can hold a candle to the GTR, and that's in stock trim. With such a massive parts list this car is an absolute savage now. When you get down to it this really is a pinnacle car. The GTR made itself a legend on the track that still holds true today and this is one great example as to why. This is a car that has to be experienced to really appreciate just how great they drive. While we've sold more than our fair share of GTR's over the years, this may be the best one we've sold to date. Timeless good looks, incredible power, yet refined enough to actually enjoy; the R33 GTR really is the complete package.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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