1995 Nissan Y33 Cedric

Sold: $11,495

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Stock Number: 4664

The Y33 chassis was one of the preferred luxury cars in Japan, so there's no wonder why these are starting to catch on here stateside. The Y33 generation saw plenty of refinements and improvements over its already well-respected predecessor the Y32, which has become one of our most loved chassis. This particular low mileage Cedric is a great example of why. With only 80K verified miles it's hard to believe this car is 25 years old. The paint and body have been kept up quite well since it's undergone a full one-off color swap. Its Black Cherry hue is unlike anything else, it looks as if it should have been a factory optioned specialty color for these the way it compliments the bodylines. It's funny how some of the most subtle color changes wind up having the most dramatic impact; not everything needs to be orange with stickers to stand out. The body itself has been kept up with particularly well over the years with only a typical door ding or two. Slammed on a set of 19" 3 piece Weds really cements the VIP status of these. Thanks to a new set of coilovers you're able to dial in the ride height for your particular driving style, though we think it looks pretty spot on the way it sits.

The interior is where the Y33 really starts to shine. While the previous generation was known for being well-appointed, the update is noticeable as soon as you slink down into the cockpit. The power driver's seat allows for you to find the ideal driving position. The power-folding mirrors ensure you don't have any blind spots to contend with. As you would expect you have all the other basics like a one-touch driver's window along with power locks. New for this era is the full digital control system for the A/C and audio. Since they were the first generations of these systems its impressive that everything is working as it should. The only issue with it we noted was the volume knob and temp knobs are both a bit finicky. The A/C is blowing cold, even it takes a few twists of the knob for it to register dropping the temp. The dash is in great shape, unlike half the Nissans from this era, and the wood grain adds a nice touch to the cabin. The seats have been kept in spectacular shape. Normally we expect to see some bolster wear or small stains, but this one really doesn't have anything to note. The back seats are in even better shape and offer plenty of legroom for longer trips. And with a massive boot, you've got plenty of storage for a weekend away.

While the Y32 utilized the long-running VG series, the Y33 saw the transition to the VQ. One of the major advantages of the VQ series over the VG series was the aluminum alloy block and heads, helping to reduce weight while not having to sacrifice power. The 3.0L V6 has no problem with getting up and going either. The Cedric is a good bit quicker than you would expect for a full-on luxury sedan. While these aren't a race car, they certainly have more than enough grunt to get you into the triple digits (with a professional driver on a closed course that is) or just around someone laggin in the right lane. The fuel economy is also up a tick which is nice, though these will never be mistaken for a Prius. The brakes are plenty confident at speed having no trouble with reeling you back in. Due to the nature of coilovers, the ride isn't as plush at it originally was. Thanks to the design of the cabin its still plenty comfortable to road trip in despite the stiffer suspension. Like all proper cruisers, the Y33 was only ever offered with an auto. Luxury isn't rowing gears, plus in something this size all you really want to do is hop in and throw it in drive. The trans is eager to shift so it doesn't feel like some late 80's Pontiac slushbox. You do even have selectable modes for snow and sport though most will probably never had a need to use them. To ensure that the Cedric is ready for its next adventure our trained techs have gone over it mechanically. As with most luxury sedans, we see this one has been well maintained back in Japan. All of the original books and manuals are in the glovebox for instance. Fresh rubber all around, a new air filter, and a routine oil change has this one ready to turn heads at your local meet. Its a real shame that Nissan didn't offer anything like this stateside. Even in stock trim these tend to draw a crowd, let alone something on this level. From its wild color to proper stance the Cedric really is one heck of a car. With an interior nicer than half the cars on the road today, ample performance on tap, the Y33 really is a certified Japanese Classic.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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