1995 Nissan Skyline R33 GTR

Sold: $46,995

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Stock Number: 4368

1995 leads us into one of the most prolific cars to come out of Nissan to date. The evolution of the R32 took all the best aspects and improved on them making an absolutely magnificent driving machine. While the looks can be a bit controversial, it's hard to deny that its the most underrated of the GTR family. The styling is largely attributed to the new computer-aided aerodynamics which was a first for the Skyline. The R32 was criticized for having some uplift and handling issues at high speed which the 33 sought to correct. A longer wheelbase paired with a slightly widened track helped to cut down on these issues. They also added things like an adjustable rear wing for the first time and sought to reduce weight with every opportunity they could. With its more rigid chassis, revised ATTESSA and HICAS system, and improved RB26 meant this car lapped the famed Nurburging 21 seconds faster than its predecessor. Now while the R33 is more than impressive in stock form, we all know that custom is freedom. While most of the bodywork has been kept stock it does sport a killer vented hood similar to the R34 Z-Tune with a secondary set of hood pins. The color match to the factory Cloud White (QM1) is pretty spot-on for being sprayed after the fact. Being that its aftermarket the fitment isn't 100% as perfect as the factory one, but its well above average. Overall the paint itself looks fantastic for having 123K verified miles on the car. Cars stateside that are half as old don't look this good, and the same can be said about the body. While it does have some minor imperfections like a few door dings or a stone chip or two its been very well maintained. While the stock GTR wheels are great, the 18 Volk Racing GT-7s look fantastic against the white paint. And to cut down on some of the dreaded wheel gap Aragosta coilovers replace the stock setup.

The interior of the R33 is a serious step up over the outgoing R32s. For instance, the plastics used throughout the interior hold up much better, and thanks to the design get rid of the typical bubble that's so common with the R32s. The newer style 33 GTR seats are a great upgrade over the lesser models offering great support while being comfortable enough for a good road trip. Overall they have been kept up with well, with only a minor amount of bolster wear to the driver's seat as you can see in the photos. Both driver and passenger have been spared from any severe staining or seam separation. Per usual, the back seats look nearly new considering they're really only good for a short trip in a pinch or more than likely just extra storage space. The carpeting and door panels are great and don't seem to suffer from some of the more typical delaminations that the R32s did. There have been some changes made to fit the sporty nature of the GTR. A deep dish Momo race wheel replaces the factory one and looks right at home. The Nismo shift knob with matching black and red stitched boot play well with some of the Nissan's red interior accents. The cluster and signature center console gauge suite have all been upgraded to LEDs which give the cockpit a bit of an updated feel. To the left of the steering column is a digital HKS EVC for added control and monitoring on the fly of the RB26. There are two Defi gauges mounted to the A-pillar however, they're currently not powered. These did sport all of the power accessories of the time; power windows, mirrors, locks, and digital climate control. Everything is working as it should with the exception of the aftermarket head unit, which most people will replace for something that works here stateside anyways.

Under the hood is what makes this car just so special, Nissan's legendary RB26DETT. Not only is it a monster, its seen several tasty upgrades. While we all have our opinions on the R35, you can't argue that it knows how to make power. Subsequently, the injectors, coil packs, and MAFs have been robbed from a VR38DETT. Feeding the R35 MAFs are a set of HKS intakes which let the turbos be heard both on and off throttle. Outback is a Ganador Ti catback exhaust which really lets the 2.6L sing when you get on it. Even at idle the exhaust has a fantastic rumble that will certainly turn heads when you pull out of cars and coffee in the morning. The straight-six fires right up with the twist of the key and has no issues pulling all the way to its 8K redline. Shifts through the 5-speed are crisp and rewarding and have zero issues putting the power down to the ground. While speed is good, you need to be able to reel it back in so factory equipped Brembo brakes have been upgraded with a set of Project Mu slotted rotors front and rear. While here we have gone ahead and brought all the service up to date, a routine oil change and HICAS arm replacement have everything back in good shape. This car was clearly well taken care of as the timing belt was replaced a little under 2K miles ago. Now is your chance to own one of the first legally imported R33 GTRs to land stateside and is sure is a whole lot of car. Not only are they notoriously capable, but they're also surprisingly comfortable at the same time. Whether you're looking for a full-on build or a weekend head-turner, you can't go wrong with a GTR.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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