1995 Nissan Skyline GTS25t Type M

Sold: $22,995

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Stock Number: 4777

The R33 is a fabled iteration of the Nissan Skyline. Its updated chassis, improved interior ergonomics, and hefty displacement bump allowed this generation to redefine the brand. While some have shunned it as the boat of the Skyline family, it comes in at less than a 250lbs difference. Combine all that with the more powerful RB25 and it actually becomes one of the best driving skylines of the bunch. The slightly longer/wider stance gives it superior handling and ride comfort. Our mid-production '95 comes to us with a number of upgrades that really take things to the next level. The trademark GTR front bumper with the N1 cutouts are accented by the carbon fiber canards and GTR lip. The vented BN style fenders look wild from the rear quarter profile yet look almost OEM from the head-on while the rear bolt-on over fenders allow for some extra meat outback. Speaking of meat the R33 is rolling on a set of 18" Stage Knight wheels wrapped in fresh rubber which fill the fenders up perfectly. It was originally optioned with the highrise factory wing, but instead, they removed the center section and replaced it with a matching carbon fiber aero wing which dramatically changes the look of the back end. The way they integrated it is pretty tricky leaving some of the factory pieces to give it a bit of a stepped look. As most are aware Bayside Blue wasn't offered until the R34, this particular one originally left the factory in Cloud White (QM1.) The color change was well done, as only the engine bay has any hint of the original color. Per usual, it's safe to assume that the color change was done when all of the aero was added since the entire car is a rather uniform shade which can be an issue when pieces are painted at different times. Subsequently, the paint in is killer shape with only a few typical little blemishes like some clear coat scratches and some stone chips. The body itself is just as clean with only a few little door dings that any 25-year-old vehicle is bound to amass.

The more robust platform of the R33 had some benefits trickle down to the interior; the increased chassis stiffness lends itself to fewer squeaks and rattles, making this a nice daily driver option, then again when you strip the interior you're going to pick up some extra noise. Overall the interior is still plenty good for routine use as the seats and all your power options are still present and in good shape. The seats have both been swapped out for more aggressive options. When we say aggressive we don't mean necessarily uncomfortable, just more sporty. The red adjustable Recaro is a brilliant choice as you get ample bolstering without having to sacrifice practicality. There is a bit of bolster wear which you can note in the photos, but it doesn't have any tears or stains which would be a bigger issue to deal with. The passenger seat was swapped out in favor of a more exciting S14 seat which gives some fun pattern to the interior while keeping that OEM feel. The seat itself is in great shape and offers a good bit of support for the passenger when you start getting after it. Luckily the R33 doesn't fall victim to the same dash bubble issues that plagued the R32s which helps to clean up the interior altogether. The headliner and pillar panels have all been removed for weight savings to match with the rear seat delete. The sunroof makes for a nice bit of added light in the cabin, even if it isn't functioning. Mounted atop the center console is a nice Auto Gauge mechanical boost gauge since the factory one is a bit of a joke. The deep-dish Momo wheel and Nismo shift knob pair up nicely together and really lend towards the more track feel of the car. You do still have your digital automatic climate control and power windows for normal use.

Mechanically the R33's got a bump in performance with the introduction of the RB25DET. Not only was displacement increased but the turbocharger was a bit larger as well. This RB25DET fires up quickly, idles smoothly, and pulls hard throughout the RPM range with only 106K verified miles. For the most part, it's been kept largely stock under the hood which is a nice surprise based on how modified the rest of the car is; as the saying goes "if it ain't broke don't fix it." The GTR front end is filled with a massive Blitz front mount intercooler to make sure the larger turbo has no problems getting plenty of cool air. The other no brainer modification was the high flow turbo back exhaust. It's almost a crime to leave an RB with the stock exhaust since it's just so restrictive. Once you open it up boy do these cars sing. Around the corners, normally your factory suspension feels a bit floaty under normal circumstances. Instead, adjustable coilovers are fitted that lower ride height, the center of gravity, and obviously get the stance to a more fitting height. A Cusco strut tower brace also helps to reduce chassis flex. The five-speed manual transmission was originally spec'd in this car and shifts smoothly through the gears. The car makes plenty of power all the way through the rev range and effortlessly surpasses any posted highway signs. We have gone over the car to ensure it’s in proper running shape so you can drive this one home if you wanted to. A fresh 12V battery has been installed to make sure it fires right up. We've also taken care of some of the larger maintenance items like the HICAS ball joints and the big one; the timing belt and water pump. It's a testament to Nissan's engineering, as this car outperforms most newer vehicles, despite having been made a quarter-century ago. This well maintained, Japanese Classic is a turn-key ready option for those who wish to drive a more hardcore version of this legendary vehicle.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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