1995 Nissan Silvia S14 Q’s Coupe

Sold: $8,995

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Stock Number: 4740

The Nissan Silvia is special for so many reasons, and are almost universally loved. Looking at the current US market value on the S14, it's hard to argue that demand isn't slowing down one bit. While most examples for sale have been heavily modified for motorsports such as drifting, we are excited to offer this unmolested 1995 Q's. This particular S14 managed to improve on many of the qualities lacking in the generation that preceded it. For instance, the Silvia received a substantial interior upgrade as the quality of the materials was greatly improved. The platform's rigidity increased a bit, and for that reason, the handling became even better than the S13. Finished in one timeless choice; Super Black (KH3) you really can't go wrong. For being a 25-year-old car the paint looks pretty darn good. Admittedly, black always has a tendency to show blemishes more so than the lighter color options, but this one is rather clean. There are naturally some swirly marks and light clear coat scratches, but nothing out of the ordinary. The body itself in good shape other than a few typical little door dings and stone chips that have a tendency to pop up from daily use. The timeless front-engine rear-wheel-drive proportions allude to the sporty nature of the platform and are hands down the main reason these cars have reached such a legendary status. The exterior is pretty much all stock with the exception of the factory optioned NavaN wing which is a relatively rare piece.

A good indication of how well a car was cared for is the interior, and this '95 has held up impressively well. Starting with the obvious, the dash lacks the cracking and discoloration present on nearly all of the S13's. The visibility is decent around the cockpit, as the A-pillars are skinny and the dash is low slung. Being a '95 the interior got a bit of a revamp in the seat department. Well bolstered for comfort while still offering some performance-oriented lateral support. The driver's side seat does have some bolster degradation from climbing in and out over the years, but it's been kept free of tears or stains which are the bigger issues. The passenger seat looks nearly new, and the same can be said about the back seats since they probably haven't seen much use over the years. The remainder of the interior plastics is in surprisingly good shape, as are the door cards and headliner. There is one spot to note on the driver's door panel where it separated but it's only about an inch or so (which you can see in the photos.) The carpets are also in good condition, as is the headliner which is one of those pieces people tend to forget about. Power amenities such as locks, power-folding mirrors, and windows all work as they should making day to day life more enjoyable. The digital climate control is functions as expected; the A/C compressor is coming on but with how cold it is in VA everything feels like A/C at this point. It is worth noting that the tach is currently inop. While not terribly necessary, especially for the less high strung N/A setup, but we wanted to make note of its current condition.

Mechanically, this S14 is simple and known for its durability. Power comes compliments of Nissan's aluminum block SR20DE with a mere 105K verified miles on it. The non-turbocharged engine offers a very linear torque band and deals with considerably less heat than its force inducted sibling. While most complain about the naturally aspirated version, driving it will make you second guess yourself. The slightly longer wheelbase over the S13 gives a less twitchy feel on the interstate. The chassis is communicative, lightweight, and predictable for those who want a car that corners exceptionally well. The SR20DE is a fuel-efficient and simple design, which makes it inherently easy to work on. Lacking a turbo, and all the heat and pressure associated with it, the SR delivers decent throttle response and plentiful parts availability. The power comes on quickly thanks to the fact that there's no turbo lag to deal with which means it pulls very linear all the way through the rev range. People tend to sleep on the non-turbo SR20s, Nissan built them to have great torque down low and to be quite reliable. With a quick turn of the key, the SR20DE fires to life, and settles into a constant idle. It does have a little extra tone compliments of an A'PEXi Super Megaphone catback exhaust. We have noted that the engine does have a bit of a lifter tick. We've gone ahead and pulled apart the head and cleaned everything and haven't found any issues with it, however, it is something that we wanted to disclose upfront. Even by today's standards the platform still feels balanced and responsive, even with the stock suspension. The suspension feel is great for being stock and the car is very light on its feet. Now, of course, there is no shortage of aftermarket options available when it comes to the S chassis so you can easily put your own twist on this car. The 5-speed shifts phenomenally which in turn makes the NA power band even more exciting. Clutch engagement is smooth and hassle-free. The gearbox is well sorted and a blast when you get out into the backroads. The brakes quickly reel you in and offer a reassuring pedal feel which is crucial. This S14 really is an untouched gem that would make for an ideal new daily driver. With its readily available parts and timeless drive, the tossable and very neutral chassis makes for an impressive sports coupe, even 25 years after the fact. This clean little Nissan has obviously been well maintained, and it shows! As a daily driver, weekend toy, or unmolested platform for a track build, this Silvia provides endless possibilities.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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