1995 Nissan Rasheen

Available for: $10,995

Stock Number: 4646

We're known here at Japanese Classics for pulling in all sorts of oddball cars you had no idea that you wanted in the first place. The Nissan Rasheen falls directly in line with this as its a truly unique crossover before those were even a thing here stateside. The car has five seats and a rugged, quirky, angularly styled body that looks as if it could have rolled off the production line this year. It is a very small and short four-wheel drive that is often compared to Eastern European cars in design styling. For those familiar with some of Japan's most quirky cars, the Pike Factory put out some wild hits like the Pao and Figaro. The Rasheen falls right in line with those but offering a bit more all-around practicality. The Rasheen was kept in production up until 2000 when it made way to become the more common Nissan Rogue that we know today. Finished in Nissan's classic Super White (326) the car is quite a looker. We love cars that make you look twice that don't have to have some massive rear wing or be painted fuchsia to grab your attention. The angular body is in great shape with hardly any notable blemishes to note. Of course, like any 25-year-old vehicle, it's not without a few stone chips and minor door dings.

The interior is just as wild as the styling, which only makes sense. With its plaid seats and two-tone gray interior its a surprisingly pleasant place to hunker down for a road trip. Unlike most of the plastics that we see in other Nissans like Skylines and Silvias, the Rasheen is considerably better put together. The dash is free of any sort of bubble or cracking from sun damage over the years that the other are so prone too. The seats themselves have held up particularly well as they're always the first spot to start showing their age. Due to their light nature, there is a small stain or two between the front and back row, but overall are free of the bigger concerns like bolster wear or seam rips. The back seats are also a 50/50 split so you can drop them down and nearly double your rear cargo capacity. This is another neat trick of the Rasheen, its split-folding rear hatch gives you all the space in the world for loading and unloading cargo. The fact that the hatch is actually a portion of the roof means it looks wild when you pop open the rear, unlike your traditional hatchback. The factory wheel is airbag-equipped which is a rather rare option for the time since they weren't mandated until almost 2000. The wheel does have a little bit of discoloration on the inside from use over the years but is in generally great shape. The gauge cluster is relatively simple by comparison to most since they housed all of the warning lights in their own separate housing off to the right of the cluster. Off to the left are all of your controls for the climate and audio system which are all working great. The A/C is kicking for this late summer heat we're all still dealing with. Once the heat breaks a bit you've got a massive powered sunroof and factory rain guards on all 5 to cut down on wind buffeting and for some extra ventilation on rainy days. As with most vehicles of the era, you do still have all the other basic power amenities like your one-touch driver's windows, power locks, and power mirrors.

Under the hood, as the rest of the car would lead you to expect, is 1.5L GA15DE 4 cylinder. The only trans options for these were the 4-speed auto which is perfectly mated for something of this size. Pairing up these two results in some right solid fuel mileage for a bigger AWD without getting you into the Hilux or Land Cruiser territory. The AWD system will look familiar to Nissan enthusiasts as its the same ATTESA system that you would find in the legendary GTR. This is a viscous coupling that determines where to send torque based on traction situations. With a mere 70K verified miles the little 4 cylinder is quick to start up and is rather quite making it a great daily driver. The trans is easy to engage and has no problem running through the gears. While its no modern F1 with lightning quick shifts its plenty capable around town or dropping a gear on the highway to get around someone. As you'd probably have guessed based on the overall condition it needed little in the shop mechanically to get it ready for its new owner. Fresh rubber on all four corners keeps you planted in bad weather and a fresh oil change has it back in top shape. The suspension is more than capable for your typically poor city roads and the brakes have no trouble reeling you in. People come to us in search of something that's going to stand out in a crowd, and boy does the Rasheen do that. With looks unlike anything on the road yet packed full of practicality who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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