1995 Midnight Purple R33 GTR

Sold: $57,995

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Stock Number: 4367

1995 marks the introduction of Nissan’s latest evolution of the GTR. While the R32 was a legend on and off the track it wasn’t perfect. Due to the gentleman’s agreement on capping horsepower, Nissan had to get creative in making the R33 a better overall driving car without simply throwing power at the problem as domestic companies do. Instead, they turned to the new age of technology utilizing computer-assisted aerodynamics. By making it an inch wider and four inches longer they were able to increase the wheelbase for stability and lower the center of mass. Along with increased chassis rigidity, the R33 was using advanced ways to reduce weight with every opportunity. All of this rolled together meant the R33 was about 21 seconds faster around the Nurburging becoming the first production car run of sub 8 seconds around the green hell. Being as this is our first one to touch down we wanted it to make a splash, and boy does the Midnight Purple (LP2) do just that. The paint has a very deep, yet subtle, pop to it when you get it out in the sunlight. The purple has a metallic flake that really is unlike anything out there. The paint shows well for its age, however, it is not perfect. It looks as if the car was resprayed at some point, but well done. There is some light etching and light scratches in the clear coat as with most any 25 year old car, but nothing too concerning. Like any 25-year-old car, a good paint correction can go a long way. The bodywork needs no help as the lines are already notoriously aggressive. It’s also been kept pretty much dent and ding free barring a small door ding or two. There has been one change up to the wing blade as it’s now a purple carbon fiber lower with a color-matched top. It makes for a nice little touch that only the keen eye will spot. 17” black RAYS TE37s sit at all four corners and are always a great choice. And to cut down on some of that wheel gap and get the GTR to a more acceptable level, Aragosta coilovers replace the stock setup.

The interior of the R33 is leaps and bounds above the outgoing R32. For instance, the plastics used throughout the interior hold up much better, and thanks to the design get rid of the typical bubble associated with the 32. Overall the interior has been kept mostly all stock minus the addition of a Momo race wheel and aftermarket head unit. While the head unit offers some limited US functionality most people will still replace it in favor of something more US friendly. Above that head unit is the upgraded trademark Nismo GTR gauge suite which hints that this car means business. Neatly tucked under the dash is a Greddy Profec B-Spec II boost controller and an HKS turbo timer for good measure. Since the factory boost gauge leaves a bit to be desired an APEX’i mechanical boost gauge sits atop the steering column. Of course, since these were still streetcars you do still have all of the basic power amenities; power windows, mirrors, locks, and automatic climate control. The speedometer has been replaced with an upgraded Nismo 320km/h unit so the mileage is unverified at 49k. However, judging by the condition of things like the seats and door cards, we doubt the milage is too far off. The seats have been spared from any of the typical bolster wear or seam separation. Per usual, the back seats look hardly used and the carpets show minimal signs of wear.

Under the hood is Nissan’s acclaimed RB26DETT which we all know and love. The motor makes gobs of torque and pulls like a freight train, and that’s just in stock trim. Throw some performance bits on it and you’ve got a real monster on your hands. Our LP2 GTR has several nice bolt-ons that most all of us would want to see. New intakes let the twins be heard on and off of boost which makes it hard to keep your foot out of it. To compliment that is a FGK catback that gives the RB26 its trademark rumble. There are a few other supporting mods like the Cusco aluminum catch can and Tomei brake boost brace. The stock suspension received several key upgrades, alongside the Aragosta coilovers are upper and lower Nismo control arms outback. Up top are OEM strut tower braces front and rear to aid in chassis stiffness. The beefy 2.6L fires right up and sounds great through that FGK exhaust. The power delivery is intoxicating regardless of the gear your in. With both the ATTESSA and HICAS system having received revisions over the R32 the power delivery is never an issue. The 5 speed feels great and the clutch is surprisingly light considering the level of performance. To ensure smooth sailing on its new endeavor here stateside we’ve gone ahead and replaced all four tires, the front right outer tie rod, along with the HICAS arms outback. This turn-key monster is guaranteed to turn heads everywhere it goes. Between its blistering performance, legendary styling, and genuine rarity you really can’t go wrong. Now is your chance to own one of the first legal GTRs to land stateside. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it!

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