1994 VIP Nissan Cima

Sold: $14,495

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When you think of big luxury sedans Nissan may not be the first manufacturer that comes to mind. Normally they're associated with the sports car end of the market after all the Skyline and Silvia are two of the most sought after cars to this day. With the economic boom of the '90s they were all in on the luxury market. In fact, the Cima did so well it was separated from its Y32 bandmates, the Cedric and Gloria; with the second generation Cima strictly being sold through Nissan's flagship Prince stores. Not to say that Nissan didn't do an impressive job in building the Cima, but let's face it, stock is boring. The slogan here at Classics is that "Custom is Freedom" and this '94 knows all about that. While the VIP scene may not be for everyone, this one certainly embraces it. Finished in the only proper color choice, Super Black (KH3) the big body sedan looks mean. The chrome trim pieces really pop against it's murdered out Yakuza styling, and with the polished lips of the 18" Work Seeker wheels to drive it home. The paint looks good for its age, however, like any car, there are some routine scratches. The same can be said about the body, no notable blemishes but it does have some door dings that could easily be corrected with some PDR. Considering the static ride height the car has been well preserved over the years. The fenders were cleanly rolled and show no signs of damage from the height which is a routine issue that we see.

The interior has been kept up just as well as you would anticipate for only having 74K verified miles. All of the seats are in great shape and show very minimal signs of wear, free of the common bolster wear or any notable stains. The same goes for the door panels, headliner, and the carpeting, even the awesome floor mats look good. Being that this is a proper luxury sedan, the interior amenities are where it shines. Everything is powered; windows, locks, mirrors, memory seats, automatic climate control, and cruise control. It even has a rare to find a factory airbag with full steering wheel controls. All of the power accessories are functioning as expected including some cold A/C. One of the most impressive pieces is the power reclining rear seats with its center armrest controls for the front seats, radio, and climate control. Even with the evolving luxury in today's vehicles, it's hard to find something on the road today that even offered that. Now while these were designed to be chauffeured around in, we all know that driving it is the fun part. All of the controls are well laid out and generally easy to read. The only thing that takes a little getting used to is the climate control being in all Japanese. Once you get the feel of what each button does it comes pretty easily.

Even when you pop the hood you'll note the custom touches to make sure this is a true one of a kind. Nearly every plastic in the engine bay has been painted which makes for a fun look when you pop the hood. Since these aren't performance sedans at the end of the day, most under the hood has been left alone. The VH41DE V8 does have an upgraded intake as well as and an aluminum catch can. Custom muffler and resonator delete really let the V8 sing. As soon as you turn the key, heads turn. Nobody anticipates a sound this aggressive to come from such a low and slow cruiser. Due to the ride height, the exhaust has definitely been scrapped over the years. We repaired a portion of the exhaust due to this, however, due to the VIP nature, the underside has seen some scuffs and scrapes. The car drives really well considering how modified the suspension is. Custom coilovers were pieced together using JIC Magic and KW to prevent it from rubbing. To get the camber necessary for clearance full T-Demand Proarms replaced all of the factory pieces front and rear. This car wasn't pieced together off of eBay, it was properly built to be a static, driveable, show car. Now is your chance to own a true turn-key, one-off, VIP show car built by the guys that started it all.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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