1994 Toyota SW20 MR2 Rev 3

Sold: $16,495

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Stock Number: 4934

Some designs never seem to fall out of style. The SW20 was one of those cars that has a classic look yet never seems dated. The body lines are soft yet aggressive, the interior is driver-focused but comfortable, and the drivetrain has its own cult following. '94 Brings us into the 3rd iteration of this chassis with every evolution only making the car that much better. Subtle aesthetic and mechanical changes continue to make this platform as effective on tracks as it is pulling daily duty. The body has been kept in great shape with only a few minor door dings to be found. The Astral Black (202) paint has a great luster that really shows well. The paint does have some routine blemishes for its age, but no notable concerns. Aesthetically this one has been kept pretty much all stock with the exception of the 15" 5 spoke wheels wrapped in fresh rubber. They're simple enough to look as if they came from the factory which is nice since not everyone is after a set of massive wheels that cut down on ride quality. Since these look so good out of the box there's not much needed to tap into the aftermarket when it comes to the MR2. The factory fogs and sleek rear wing add a bit of spice to the mix and those trademark Kouki tail lights are the cherry on top.

The interior has been left almost all original and shows particularly well. The GT-S spec is fitted with cloth seats and door panel inserts which are in overall great shape. The dash does have the slightest signs of separation along the defrost vent up front, but it's only noticeable when you really get up on it. It's a rather common issue that we see with Nissan's and Toyota's over time from a combination of sun damage and heat, however, this one is leaps and bounds better than most we see. Otherwise, the expansive dash is in great shape. The other high wear items like the steering wheel and shift knob both look great which is a good indication that the car was well taken care of over the years. The same can be said about the seats which are the other spot that tends to show their age. Both seats have been spared from any discoloration, bolster wear or careless stains. The two-tone seats look fantastic off of all the black between the bodywork and the interior trim pieces. They're also impressively comfortable considering the amount of bolstering they integrated from the factory. These are ideal seats for cruising around while still offering enough support to keep you in place when you start to throw it around. The radio has been removed which is rather common to see since they don't have much use here stateside. It appears that all the wiring is tucked neatly in there so it would be an easy thing to swap in a nice double din down the road. The only other bit is the center console storage bin which appears to have been removed in order to free up some additional shoulder room. Frankly, it doesn't offer much storage to begin with so it's refreshing to have the extra space. The basic power accessories of the day are all present and accounted for; power windows, locks, and automatic climate control.

Mechanically the 3S-GTE also received a bit of an overhaul with the 3rd revision. Power was bumped up to 242 and the E153 5 speed received upgraded synchros to help smooth out the gearbox. Now, thanks to a new clutch that we put in it, shifts are as crisp as ever. The mid-mounted four-cylinder puts its power down to the rear wheels thanks to a Viscous LSD. The 3S-GTE power plant is notorious for its reliability and ability to make great horsepower right out of the box. With only 104K verified miles we're only just getting broken in. Toyota redesigned the rear suspension which does not snap oversteer like the original design. While the drivetrain itself has been kept all stock the suspension has received a bit of help thanks to two massive strut tower braces both front and rear. These guys are beefy, to say the least, which gives a noticeable reduction in chassis flex. Plus, unlike all stateside varients, Japan retained the option for both a turbo and fixed-roof coupe unlike all of the T-tops that we have here. The coupe cuts down on unsprung weight giving it even better handling along with cutting down the potential for leaks. Thanks to a new 12V battery the engine starts quickly, doesn't smoke and revs happily throughout the broad RPM range. If you have ever driven a turbo SW20 you know these cars are surprisingly quick, even in stock form. The torque is great for being a 2.0L, from around 3,200 on it really comes to life. A new air filter helps it breathe a bit easier and helps out a bit in the fuel mileage department. These latest model MR2s are some of our most popular cars and for good reason. Toyota's tried and true reliability, ample power on tap, timeless good looks, all in a package, unlike anything you'll find here stateside. For someone looking to stand out in the SW20 clubs look no further, in stock trim you're going to be hard-pressed to find another one like this!

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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