1994 Toyota Mark II JZX90 Tourer V

Sold: $13,995

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Stock Number: 4659

The Toyota JZX90 chassis is one of our personal favorites as it perfectly balances performance, usability, and comfort. Toyota Motor Corporation had created a robust portfolio of performance vehicles in the early part of the '90s. It's hard to beat a lineup of boosted RWD cars from the luxurious to sporty with a little bit of everything in between. The JZX does a great job of skirting between comfort and sporty without feeling like it tips the scales. When you compare it to an Aristo or Soarer they feel like performance yachts, the Tourer V is considerably more light on its feet with a near 50/50 weight distribution. For instance, the fuel tank is positioned behind the back seats, directly above the rear axle to keep the weight centered while giving you a much larger boot than the bodylines would lead you to believe. The bodylines of the 90 are unlike anything on the road since it was a JDM only model, so be prepared for people to ask about it all the time. The Pure White (040) is a classic choice for these as it always looks good. The paint itself is in great shape for its age with really no notable marks or blemishes to report. The body is in the same shape barring a typical door ding or two which is inevitable at this point. Being a '94 means that it has the Kouki body upgrades like the taillights, front grille, and the front bumper. The factory lip does have a few scuffs looking up from the underside, but luckily you can really see them from eye level. While similar in style to the stock wheels, it's actually rolling on a newer set of Altezza wheels which gives it a nice OEM+ look.

The interior of the JZX90 has been well cared for and it shows. No modifications have been made inside the cabin since frankly, they don't really need much. Full automatic climate control, power-folding mirrors, one-touch driver's window, even a factory navigation system were all original equipment. The A/C is blasting cold, so no worries about sweating to death on your morning commute. Surprisingly the stock Navi system does work (to a degree) which is normally something that we see get replaced at some point in time for newer more modern equipment. The seats are well-bolstered to keep you planted in the twisties without beating you to death on your normal highway commute. Normally we expect to see some wear from getting in and out over the years but this one really has been spared. The only real blemish to note is really quite minor. The fabric on the edges of the door panels is beginning to delaminate slightly. An upholstery shop should be able to reglue them with little effort since they're not torn which would be a bigger issue to deal with. The dash has no sun damage, cracks, or other types of damage which can be a relatively common issue with these.

Under the hood is what really makes this car shine. The 1JZ-GTE is a brute of a motor with more than enough to get this sedan rolling down the highway. The twin-turbo 2.5L fires up quickly and is surprisingly quiet in stock trim. To help out in the department a full Fujitsubo exhaust was fitted to let the 1J actually be heard since they sing one heck of a song. The exhaust is still subtle enough for daily use, but when you open it up you're rewarded with that high pitched scream. The power delivery is what sets this car apart from the Camry you're thinking of from back in the day. Once you get underway and the turbos spool the JZX90 pulls like a freight train. The powerband is exceptionally linear, from about 3,500 to redline the 1J never feels like it's going to end. The automatic transmission sends the power to the back wheels the way a proper saloon should. And while many hate on the automatics, this transmission is shockingly good. It's ideal when cruising around town or making your normal commute, but when you want to get around someone it's quick to respond. The shifts are crisp, and you don't have a massive delay when waiting for it to engage. The suspension has received a full overhaul to take the handling to the next level. Uptop you can see the Cusco strut tower brace, but underneath the car is where most of the goodies lye. Upgraded Cusco front and rear sway bars stiffen things up while adjustable KYB struts sit at all four corners. Since it's not simply lowered on coilovers you still have ample ground clearance while still keeping a comfortable ride. With 122K verified miles, upon inspection it shows how well this car was maintained; as if the interior and body didn't already hint at that. Aside from a typical oil change we put on four new tires and also replaced the front left upper control arm ball joint. The brakes are happy to stop the sports sedan in a jiffy, and have solid pedal feel. The perfect car may not exist, but the Mark II is doing its best to try. Great power, fun handling and room for four make this an ideal, turn key, Japanese Classic.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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