1994 Toyota Land Cruiser 70

Sold: $18,995

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Stock Number: 4299

Over the years SUVs have moved away from the rugged, purpose-driven side of things to more of a luxury/status symbol. Toyota's Land Cruiser made its name on being bulletproof with its ability to conquer whatever was thrown at it. As the years passed they too began to soften with models like the 80 series being geared more towards trips to Costco than a muddy back trail. Luckily Toyota made an effort to stick to their roots keeping the 70 series as a properly rugged, off-roading brick. It's brooding boxy design never goes out of style, especially with it's full on two-tone color scheme. While it was originally a silver over gray (26P) it has since been updated with the full on panda black and white which really sets off the look of the truck. The grill, fender flairs, roof, and even mirrors have all been blacked out giving the front end a menacing look. They even went so far as to smoke all of the clear lenses along with privacy tint on the rear windows to drive the look home. Instead of smoking the stock ones all-new LED replacements were added which help to make the look a bit more modern. From the factory the 70 wasn't lacking in the ground clearance department, however now it's on a whole new level. A 3" lift and new 33 x 11.5" Kumho Road Venture Mud Terrains on the 16" MKWs have the Prado sitting right. Considering this was designed to take you anywhere it's impressive how well the paint and body have been kept up with. The two tone paint has crisp cutoffs and only minor blemishes. The same goes for the body with only a couple of routine door dings.

Just because something is utilitarian doesn't mean it can't still come well equipped. While not as option laded as the 80 series, these didn't leave you out in the cold like the 40s did. The striped interior definitely feels like the '90s yet somehow doesn't feel dated. Normally we would expect to see the lower seat bolster broken down from hopping in and out of the years. Much to our surprise both front and rear seats have been kept up with quite well. The matching door cards are equally clean and haven't begun to sag. Originally equipped with a 3rd row it was removed at some point to double its cargo capacity. Now when you open up the large barn doors you don't have to deal with the jump seats getting in your way. Power windows, power locks, full climate control all operate as expected and make day to day life more enjoyable.

Powered by the brutish 3.0L 1KZ-TE turbo diesel engine this Cruiser is ready to tackle whatever you have to throw at it. With only 135K verified miles, it's hardly been broken in. Without a doubt, the 3.0L was the best motor never offered here and infamous for being indestructible. The large four-cylinder fires up quickly for being a diesel and sounds as tough as it looks. Idle is as smooth as a huge four-cylinder can be, and the diesel clatter isn't terribly invasive in the cabin. This reliable turbo diesel gets up to highway speed quickly and effortlessly considering the size of the tires. A byproduct of this style tire is that it does create some excess tire whine at speeds that a more traditional all season wouldn't. Most familiar with this sort of setup already know that going in. The stout automatic transmission shifts well, and the robust 4WD system functions properly. Next to the gear selector is your 4WD controls along with two buttons on the dash for the Hub lock and H4. Mechanically it came to us with little work necessary, it's evident that this was well treated over its time in Japan. For instance, the timing belt was replaced just 9K miles prior to leaving. In a sea of Jeeps and Tahos the Land Cruiser stands out, and not just its looks. With the iconic motor choice, it's on and offroad practicality, this thing is unmatched. Whether you need something to tackle the winter months ahead or just a new family hauler the 70 has it covered.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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