1994 Toyota Celica ST205 WRC

Sold: $17,995

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Stock Number: 4531

When you think of rally cars normally it's the STi and Evo that immediately come to mind. Unfortunately for us here stateside those were really the only options we had available, and even those didn't become an option until deep into their production run. In that time we wound up missing out on so many great options thanks to strict US regulations. Finally, we can start to rectify that injustice and get our hands on the real rally legends that came before the computer era. Our latest '94 is the cream of the crop true WRC edition ST205 Celica with a mere 96K verified miles. While the USDM Celica had some similar looks it paled in comparison. The exterior has loads of aggressive body styling that was WRC specific. The all-aluminum hood, hood spoiler, and wing risers are all unique to the 2,500 homologation models. The exterior on this example is finished in Toyota's classic Super White II (040) which is really a color you can never go wrong with. The paint does show its age a bit, for instance, there are some spots of touchup paint and the front bumper has faded a bit. Overall the condition isn't bad, like having the clear coat peeling or large stone chips, but its more of a driver's car than a museum piece. The bodywork, on the other hand, has been kept up with quite well. With all of its curves and swooping lines, it really is a standout in the styling department. There are always going to be a door ding or two, but overall all of the bodylines mate up very well. Being a proper rally car classic 17" gold Speedline wheels were fitted, which really pop off the Super White.

While you would think being a coupe would mean you'd have to sacrifice space over some of its rally counterparts of the era. Surprisingly, the cabin is really quite spacious for those of us over the 6-foot mark. They even had the foresight to put folding back seats in to double up your cargo capacity since few ever really want to climb into the back. A Recaro Confetti takes the place of the driver's seat and is a welcomed upgrade. The factory seats are good, but they don't offer near the same level of support that the Recaro does. After all, when you pitch this thing into a turn you want to make sure you stay planted. Normally we would expect to see some bolster degradation from climbing in and out over the years but that one has been spared. While the base has a little bit of wear it is in well above average condition, free of any noteworthy stains as well. The stock passenger seat matches up surprisingly well to the Recaro since the patterns have a similar vibe. The passenger and rear seats are both in great shape, it looks as if they've seen little use over the years. While largely all stock there are a few other additions like the wood grain wheel and TRD shift knob. To keep a more accurate eye on boost an old school HKS boost gauge sits atop the steering column. The dash itself is in good shape which can be a trouble spot from sun damage over the years. All of your other power features are present and accounted for. These had all the typical ones from the era; power windows, power mirrors, and power locks. The automatic climate control is a nice touch and the A/C is blowing nice and cold after a simple recharge. The aftermarket radio is working, however, unless you've got a vast collection of minidisc, you'll probably want to be swapped out for something a bit newer.

Mechanically is where the GT-FOUR really shines. Equipped with the 3S-GTE which has proven itself over the years both on the street and in WRC as being not only reliable but capable of making some big horsepower numbers as well. The 3S-GTE in this generation was the most powerful offering yet and included a twin entry turbo along with an innovative water to air intercooler. The two-liter fires right up and sounds great through the G Power Medallion turbo-back exhaust. The 4 cylinder has a surprisingly deep bark thanks to the high flow cats in lieu of the giant factory resonators. These cars just beg to be driven. The turbo spools up quickly and offers great midrange power. Coupled with the tenacious AWD system you'll never find your self in need of grip. All new Falken tires should also help with putting the power to the pavement. While the HKS intake itself allows the turbo to be a bit more vocal, but it's really the Blitz Super Sound blow-off valve that does the trick. The 5 speed they used in these is already a pretty direct transmission the aftermarket short throw shifter removes any additional play. The new shifter almost feels like a bolt action rifle as you hammer through the gears. The stock suspension is more than capable for daily duty while still keeping things planted when you toss it around a turn. From it's notoriously high Toyota build quality, to a well-backed racing pedigree, this car really is a legend. Now is your chance to own a real piece of rally history.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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