1994 Toyota Celica Four

Sold: $19,995

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Piloting a true, race bred rally car is a special thing. After waiting in line behind Japan and Europe for over a decade, the US market finally received the EVO and WRX, but by that time Toyota was out of the game. Sadly we were never able to sample Toyota's version of a road worthy, two liter turbo, all wheel drive terror. However we now can, as the 1994 ST-205 Celica GT Four is now legal and this model is a great example of why these cars are legendary. Featuring aerodynamic styling, with all the wings, vents, and grills that made the 1990's rally great; this car drives even better than it look. Finished in Lucerne Silver (199) the body is straight and devoid of any major dents, dings, or blemishes to the stock body. This color is both upscale and subtle, while complimenting the BSA silver alloy wheels and C-ONE rear aero wing.

Being a coupe, compared to the Subaru and Mitsubishi sedans, the Celica has a more aggressive look. As one opens the door to access the cabin, its no-nonsense design allows the driver to focus on the road ahead. Besides a Blitz boost gauge and Panasonic head unit, the cockpit is all factory. The seats and carpets are in good shape and the bolstering is very supportive. No majors stains or burns are anywhere to be found, and the headliner is in equally good condition. Being a slicktop, the lack of a sunroof lowers the center of gravity and reduces NVH levels inside the vehicle. The dash is crack free, and the defrost, heat, and A/C works just fine. Power windows and locks all work properly, and the mirrors can be adjusted for visibility. For night time driving, the interior lighting is clearly legible, and Toyota's fantastic ergonomics allow for all the buttons to be accessed by the driver easily.

The best part of the ST-205 is the chassis and drivetrain. This 3S-GTE is a wonderful mill, and begs to be driven. Startup is swift, as the car benefits from a new 12V battery. It creates good mid range torque and sings happily to redline. The engine has a raspy growl, and the 5Zigen catback Spec polished exhaust does its best to pump out some incredible exhaust notes. The HKS intake gives the intake a bit of flutter, and is fitted with a fresh filter. Throttle response is incredibly quick, and the twin entry turbo system has little lag compared to other cars of the era. The OEM suspension is firm, yet allows for better cushion from potholes than the coil over equipped examples we have retailed. Braking response is immediate, and the little rally missile benefits from new front brakes. The platform itself has an astoundingly planted and can really power through corners. The short ratio transmission precisely clicks into gear, as the ratios are shorter and set up for more spirited motoring. The transmission is smooth and hitch free. The steering is light, yet communicative, and the driver can really push this platform to the limit if he/she desires. Grip comes from four freshly mounted and balanced tires, that can be utilized in all seasons. The lower the center of gravity and keep this little go-kart planted, making it a blast to hoon around in.

This power packed, bantam weight, AWD rocket ship is a waiting to be unleashed on US pavement. The zingy turbo four, rally car driving dynamics, and all star chassis make this a turn-key Japanese classic.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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