1994 Subaru Legacy RS

Sold: $10,495

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Stock Number: 4452

Subaru has made a complete segment in the market for high-performance AWD vehicles. Taking anything from ordinary coupes and sedans to wagons and turning them into all-weather rockets. The Legacy was heralded as their top luxury option, but that didn't mean they skimped on performance. It's trademark boxer flat-four received not one, but two turbochargers which is a particularly unique setup that was reserved for the Japanese market. Another thing you'll be hard-pressed to find these days is a proper 5-speed gearbox for those of us that still enjoy actually driving a car. The '90s really were the heyday of vehicles where nothing was off-limits, the seat patterns alone back up my theory. The RS's bodywork has been kept all stock and is a bit understated frankly. It's Light Silver Metallic (406) paint job makes it a bit of a wolf in sheep clothing to most on the road. We can tell that car has an older respray as the prep work was far from show quality level. Due to that atop the passenger front fender where there's some definite etching in the paint/clear. While we nitpick cars a bit more than the average we tend to be a bit more critical, in all reality for a daily driver it's in better condition than half the cars running around stateside this age. The body is in a similar spot with only a few typical door dings; nothing a little PDR couldn't correct. It has been fitted with a sportier set of 16" Zephyr wheels that almost look as if they were a factory optional wheel.

The interior has been kept just as stock as the body was which is a great thing. Unlike Toyota or Nissan, Subarus rarely suffer from heavy interior wear and this particular tells that same story. The stock two tone seats are just as comfy as they are wild. Subaru does a great job of building in a ton of bolster support without making them thinly padded racing buckets. The driver's seat has a small bit of bolster wear starting to show, but in general, it has held up great. The passenger seat is in even better shape, as for the back seats it looks as if they've hardly ever been sat in. They also fold down with a 60/40 split for those oversized objects which is really quite rare for the era in sedans. The carpeting and door cars have been preserved just as well with no real staining to note. The dash hasn't seen any distortion, cracks, or discoloration from the sun that many vehicles are plagued by. While the radio has been removed it frankly wouldn't have offered much US functionality to begin with. It does still sport all of the proper powered accessories of the time to make day to day life more enjoyable. Your typical power-folding mirrors, windows, and door locks along with a rather nice digital climate control. The straight forward climate control system is up to par for these upcoming spring days where it's just too hot for windows.

The powertrain is exclusive and highly prized in and amongst Subaru die-hards. This twin-turbocharged two-liter (EJ20H) makes incredible power with little lag. This configuration results in a lower center of gravity and that trademark Subaru rumble that we all know and love. Couple that with a vicious AWD system and a third pedal and you've got a winning combination. The power delivery is exceptionally linear and feels as if it never wants to end. The clutch engagement is fluid and delivers the power to all four wheels with little effort. Since it retains the factory suspension it's more than comfortable on your morning commute, while being built to handle those twisty back roads when you want to have a little fun. Having been so well maintained over the years it needed little in the mechanical department; a new inner tie rod, bellow boots on the steering rack, and a routine oil change. With only 99K verified miles this Subaru is only just getting started. The Legacy has been a staple for Subaru since its inception back in '89, and while the more modern models may be more technically advanced, the early versions bring back that raw feeling of what made these so great, to begin with.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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